Coach Kali is a softball coach out of Georgia who had an inclination for coaching even during her college softball years. She received a scholarship to GCSU where she earned the Presidential Scholar Athlete Award every season. Softball changed Kali’s life and when college was coming to an end, she realized that she wanted to teach the game to others.

Tell us about your softball career.

I began playing softball when I was 8 years old and grew tremendously as a player through the East Cobb softball program. I played at Harrison High School and received a softball scholarship to Georgia College & State University. I loved my college softball career and was very successful at GCSU, becoming the Student Assistant Softball coach before I graduated. This role involved working with athletes on hitting and providing pitchers and catchers with one-on-one attention on a daily basis.

Why private coaching?

Coaching is extremely fulfilling, especially when I am able to help an athlete master a skill and achieve their goals. I really enjoy working with motivated athletes who are willing to put in the extra time and effort to strive above the rest. Being a private coach, I get to see players move from point A to point B and I enjoy helping them with that process.

What should a client expect from a private lessons ?

A private lesson with me entails genuine one-on-one instruction. I want to know exactly what the athlete wants and needs to work on so we can immediately address the issue and prepare for upcoming games. I won’t waste any time!

What is your coaching style or philosophy?

I believe in challenging yourself. Every time you go out to practice, practice with a purpose. Have a goal to get better, and get better today. Be better today than you were yesterday. Only compare yourself to you. I often tell my clients that if they practice with a purpose, then they’ll play with a purpose.

Who is your favorite coach and why?

My favorite coach is one of my college coaches, Coach Brittany Bennett. She showed up to every workout, meeting, practice, game, and bus ride with such enthusiasm. I realized how her enthusiasm was contagious and helped our team. Coach Bennett wanted nothing more than to see her girls improve and push themselves to the next level. I have adopted many of her coaching techniques and strive to be the role model for my clients that she was for me.

Do you have any special or surprising talents ?

I have played the violin since I was 11 years old. I was in orchestra all through highschool and I play for our Christmas programs at church. While I love playing sports and coaching young athletes, I also really enjoy various music genres. I also love to paint!