Fight Boredom and Stay Engaged with Your Running Routine

Are you struggling with boredom while running, or with motivation to get out there for your run in the first place? Here are some tips and tricks I use and urge my clients to use to prevent running burnout and boredom!

How to prevent boredom in your running routine

1. Avoid treadmills. In my opinion, treadmills are the death of running. I do know some individuals who love them —they feel that they can just hop on and mindlessly watch a movie or listen to music, and it helps their pacing and cadence—but I am not one of those people. I would honestly rather run outside in a blizzard than get on a treadmill. I think they are SO BORING.

2. Listen to fast-paced music, a motivating podcast, or an audiobook on your runs. I find that if I have a new playlist I’ve created, or a new Rambling Runner or Joe Rogan podcast I’m dying to listen to, I’m more amped up for my run.

3. Concentrate on the run itself. Count your stride-rate. Focus on your form. Key into your breathing. Simply focus on making yourself a better runner on your training run. If you switch up your approach and attitude toward training, you may just find yourself becoming more motivated.

4. Run with friends!  This is possibly the best advice I can give you. You’ll be distracted with stories, you’ll have fun, and the miles will just fly by. If you don’t have many friends that run, check out MeetUp or troll your neighborhood running stores for local run groups…or bribe a friend with ice cream–whatever works!

5. Run trails. I swear—running on trails instead of roads makes the time fly. For one, you’re often concentrating on the rough terrain so you’re distracted, and two, you have gorgeous scenery to gawk at!

stay engaged while running

How to Boost Motivation/Prevent Burnout

1. Make goals. SMART goals, preferably (specific, measurable, achievable, results-focused, and time-bound). Aka, don’t just write down that you want to “get faster.” What’s your time-line? Do you have a race in mind? At what distance would you like to be faster? What pace is that? What steps do you need to take to achieve said goal?

2. Switch up your routes. It’s easy to get into a routine when training. It’s virtually mindless to lace up your shoes and run the same route from your house day after day. But in my experience, that can become monotonous and unmotivating, so I definitely recommend switching up your running routes often! Hop in your car or on your bike and drive to a nearby trailhead. Or run your typical route backwards if you’re under a time constraint.

3. Remember how good you feel after a run. Seriously – don’t discount those endorphins, that “runners high” you experience. Because it’s freaking awesome, and it makes it all worthwhile. 

I know how tough it can be to stay motivated in training 24/7. I’ve had so many ups and downs through my running career; I’ve felt the lowest of the low and the highest of the high. If all else fails, consider how you would feel if you became injured. Would you regret taking all this for granted? I know I would. If not – if you almost feel relief when you consider an injury – perhaps you really do need some time off to regroup and regain motivation. 

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