Whether you are a beginner or an experienced softball , the first decision you need to make when choosing a bat is whether you are playing slow-pitch or fast-pitch softball. In fast-pitch you want a lighter, more balanced bat. On the other hand, in slow-pitch you want something heavier to give you more strength.

There are aluminum and graphite titanium lined bats that are made for different purposes. Each bat is meant for a different body, height, and weight. Make sure to ask a coach or someone in store to help you when purchasing a new bat. Pay attention to the different bat weights, barrel size, bat taper, and grip.


Aluminum: Aluminum is the most common material used for softball bats. It’s used for because of its light weight which help softball players with speed and control. Although aluminum bats are usually more expensive, it’s worth it in the end because they typically last longer than other bats. Graphite/Titanium Lined: The lining is something which is usually added to aluminum bats to increase durability and the sweet spot of the bat. Graphite and Titanium lined bats also help reduce the vibrations in a bat that make your hands tingle when you don’t hit the ball in the sweet spot.

Height and Weight:

Each bat is meant for a different body height and weight so ask a coach or someone in store to help if you can’t grasp the correct feel. But, typically a 5.5-5.9 girl would want a 33 inches bat, and the smaller you are the smaller bat you want . It’s best to buy a softball bat in person to see how the bat feels than buy one online. The weight of the bat is usually scaled to ratio with the height of the bat, and is measured in ounces. However, some bats are purposely heavier or lighter. If you’re on the stronger side, a heavier bat is better to hit the bat further. On the other hand, with the lighter and younger players it is necessary to have a lighter bat.

Know the materials that make up a bat: grip, bat taper, barrel size. Leather grips allow for a firmer grip, but rubber grips are better for absorbing shock. The barrel size is the distance between the grip and the sweet spot of the bat. The standard size for a barrel is about a quarter inch bigger for fast pitch than slow pitch softball. The bat taper is width of the bottom of the bat handle, smaller tapers make the bat lighter and allow for fast wrist movement.

Make sure to try out different softball bats, because it’s really all about how it feels to you. It also doesn’t hurt to ask an assistant for help. If you are struggling to find a small softball shop, you can go to any sporting good stores and they will most likely sell softball bats. In addition to this, make sure to invest in a batting glove for comfort and prevent against blisters or sores. Once you have picked out the proper bat for you, head out to the softball field and give it a shot!

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