If you have ever tried skiing before, you know the thrill and satisfaction that comes from gliding down the mountain through the fresh powder. The crossover between skiing and snowboarding is a rapidly increasing trend among people of all ages. After becoming an official Olympic sport in 1998, there was a noticeable surge of snowboarders on mountains around the world, especially with the younger generation. Although it may be a difficult sport to begin, snowboarding is an exciting sport to pick up at a young age. Before you start out on the bunny hill with a snowboarding coach or friend, it is necessary to make sure you have everything you need:




When learning to snowboard for the first time, it might not be the best idea to purchase your own equipment immediately. The snowboard shop on the mountain or in the area is more than happy to provide you with rental snowboarding equipment until you are sure you want to continue the sport. Renting a snowboard will allow you to try out the different types of models and brands to find the appropriate riding style for you.





A snowboarder is fitted for a board based on height, weight and the riding style. For beginners, the Freestyle board is certainly the best choice.

  • Helmet: Don’t listen to people who say they don’t use a helmet or that you do not need one. You absolutely do.
  • Bindings: Avoid plastic straps and get rubber bindings instead. Plastic bindings have a high tendency of snapping.
  • Boots: It is vital to make sure that your boots are not too tight or loose before you head to the bunny hill. Your feet could slip out of the boots or push up against your toes, and it could be painful; so make sure to have your boots properly fitted.



Do NOT Underdress!


The last thing you want to happen on your first day out on the mountain is for you to get too cold or too hot, or uncomfortable at all. It is essential to be dressed properly with safe and warm gear. Before you head out for the day, check the temperature at both the top and bottom of the mountain and make sure you are dressed appropriately.

  • Coat/Jacket: Decide on a thick or thin lining, based on what mountain you are at.
  • Ski Pants: Make sure they are long enough to go over your boots.
  • Leggings/Long Johns: Thermal layers for extra warmth.
  • Tee-shirt/Sweater: For underneath your jacket.
  • Socks: Thick, long skiing/snowboarding socks that go underneath your boots.
  • Gloves: You need to be able to move your fingers in them and be able to get yourself in and out of the bindings easily. Make sure you get gloves that have gauntlet cuffs so that snow does not fall into your lining.
  • Goggles: Very important for seeing in unfavourable weather, so make sure you strap them to the back of your head.


Get Out There!


Now that you are equipped with everything you need to start snowboarding, you can book a lesson with a qualified private snowboarding coach or instructor. Getting the rhythm of how the board works is difficult, but with the assistance of a coach you will be able to make sure you are falling to the ground properly to reduce the risk of an injury. With proper instruction and guidance, you’ll be past the bunny hill in no time.

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