Snowboarding: Executing a Frontside 360

Executing a Frontside 360

Once you are able to successfully make turns, ride down the mountain, and get air off jumps on your snowboard, you may want to try a trick or two in the terrain park. Even if watching the X Games or snowboard videoson Youtube gave you a good idea of how it works, following the step by step guide below will help you master the frontside 360.

Many intermediate snowboarderswho want to try a 360 will usually give it a shot on their own. This can be dangerous if you do not know how to properly perform one. Before attempting a 360, make sure you have the proper equipment and padding for when you fall. In addition to this, it is important to make sure you are comfortable with the weather and snow conditions of the mountain. Take a ride down past the jump to confirm that there is a secure landing area that is not covered in ice. Check the height of the jump and edge where you will be launching yourself off. Make sure you are comfortable with the height of the fall in case of any emergency.

Before the Jump:

A tip many professional snowboarders’ use is to visualize the trick or jump before you perform it. From the ride down the hill to the jump, the take-off, the time you will be spending in the air, and the landing, you want to make sure you know exactly what you are doing.  

Drop in:
When you are snowboarding in a terrain park, you need to be extremely cautious in terms of being aware of your surroundings. Before you start riding down towards the jump, make sure that there is no other snowboarder or skier at the bottom of the jump, or about to drop in at the same time as you. Shout the words “Dropping in!” to notify the other people on the mountain that you are about to go. Once the coast is clear, you are good to go.
Approaching the Jump:
When riding down towards the jump, shift your weight to your toe side edge and carve your snowboard through the snow. Don’t dig your board too deep so that it slows you down, but make sure you have control of your direction and balance on the board. 
When you are taking off of the edge of the jump, you need to make sure you have enough speed to clear the jump and land properly. When you reach the edge, get a pop in your rotation by shifting your weight from your toe side to your heel side edge just before going off. You should have equal weight on both sides of the board, and bend your knees right before taking off the edge. 
The Jump:
It is crucial that you get enough pop when the nose of the board is mid-takeoff. Lift your front leg up and then follow with the back leg once the board has completely taken off. This part of the trick must be done very fast.

 The Spin:

Throw your arms in the direction of your spin. If you ride goofy, spin clockwise. If you ride regularly, spin counter clock wise. Make sure to look over your leading shoulder and make sure you are spinning with control.

 Rotation (90 degree):

As you are facing forward with the first 90 degrees of rotation, grab the front side of your board with one hand and the middle part of your board between your legs with your other.

 Flip (180 degrees):

Maintain control and style. At this point, let go and start preparing for landing. Keep your eyes forward.


Suck your knees up to absorb the impact of the landing. Land flat starting with the back end of your board instead of landing front first. Ride away with pride, and think about what you could have done better. If you want to master the trick, have a snowboard coachon the mountain help you out.


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