Skips are Running Drills that Improve Running Form And Technique

  With a sport like running, a lot of an athlete’s success comes from not only how hard he or she trains, but also on technique development. Without technique work, a runner will lose efficiency in the running form which can potentially cause a plateau in performance.  There are many running drills to improve your running form, but here are two common examples, called the A Skip and the B Skip.

  1. For the A Skip, start by bringing your knee up so that your leg reaches parallel, then skip.  Repeat on the other leg.
  2. As the name implies, this should be done while skipping so that you can simulate the explosiveness that you have whenever you run.
  3. For the B Skip, begin by doing an A Skip, but once your knee reaches ninety degrees and your thigh is parallel you should extend your knee and foot outward slightly.
  4. Again, this is done as a skip to retain that explosiveness in your muscle memory.

Remember to stay in control of your body while doing these exercises, so that you don’t hurt your feet and knees by slamming them on the ground.  Also, make sure to keep your back straight up and your core tight, so you don’t hyperextend your lower back.  Running drills like the A Skip and the B Skip are beneficial not only because they help to teach your body the proper biomechanics and technique of the running motion, but also because they serve to warm your body up and prime it for running.  These running drills simultaneously incorporate power and technique, control and posture, making them exercises that you cannot avoid doing. If you feel that these running drills are not enough for you, or you’d like something more personalized and tailored to your specific needs, a private coach can be a huge asset in your development. Someone like Coach Joanna could help you get to Another Level.   

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