Selecting the right type of bike at the start of triathlon training can have a large impact on an athlete’s success in the race. For a beginner, this task, along with the endless stream of knowledge and varying bike types can seem daunting. Many beginners turn to a fellow triathlon participant who has more experience in the races, a coach, or even the man in the bike shop.  Regardless who an athlete turns to for help in selecting their perfect bike for an upcoming triathlon, it is important they keep a few guidelines when starting their search.

First, athletes need to select their bike shop. Many triathlon athletes lean toward the smaller locally owned shop to find a bike over large chain sporting goods stores. Smaller shops can brag more of a personal experience, giving the athlete not only someone to come back to if need be but also a tighter knit bike family to join. The next task is finding that perfect bike.

Finding the perfect bike for triathlon training can often be a complicated search, especially for beginners. In many stores, the second you walk in you are automatically sized up by the sales professional, and bike shops are no different. In most cases, another reason to choose small bike shops over chain stores is they are not trying to assess how much money you’re likely to spend but rather assess your size and stature to match you with the perfect bike. This not only benefits the sales professional by saving his time but also guarantees you find a better match.

After selecting a bike in the store, athletes need to make sure they take the bike on a serious test ride. For the majority of athletes a quick up and down the street won’t tell them much about how they will feel after a ten or twenty mile ride. Triathlon training should incorporate distance bike training to make sure the seat, size, and handlebars are all comfortable.

Selecting the right bike can make a great difference with athletes competing in a triathlon. Athletes need to make sure their bike does not only meet the requirements for support and agility required for a triathlon, but also be comfortable for that rider.