Running Tips: Reverse Form Drills

CoachUp Coach and New Balance Boston Athlete Joanna Murphy shows how to increase the body’s range of motion through reverse form drills.

Hi I’m Joanna Murphy. I’m a New Balance Boston Athlete and CoachUp coach. And these are reverse form drills. Running is a very focused motion, obviously focused in helping you go forward, but by reversing some of the movements we can help open up the hips and increase the body’s range of motion. In these exercises were gonna work the body through reverse motion. We’re gonna do two exercises that are very commonplace, one is a lunge and the other is actual running and we’re just gonna do them in reverse. Running injuries often happened when the muscles in what’s called an eccentric phase, which is when the muscles in a lengthened position but still having to bear a load and contract. And so by working the running motion in reverse we can actually strengthen through the eccentric phase and help prevent injuries that way.

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