Running Tips: Lateral Drills

Lateral running drills including the slide and karaoke to help increase the range of motion for the hips and prep the body to stabilize. Check out the exercises in the video and start incorporating them into your warmups!

Hi, I’m Joanna Murphy, I’m a New Balance Boston athlete, and CoachUp coach. And these, are lateral running drills. These running drills are working the body in the lateral plane. Running is a very forward focused motion, I hope. So working the body through the lateral plane helps increase the range of motion for the hips, and also helps prep the body to stabilize. Both these exercises are great way to prep the body through lateral motion. The first exercise is the slide, which is just a basic skip from side to side. And the second exercise is a more complex movement, karaoke, which adds some footwork to it. But both exercises are great way to work the body in the lateral motion before you end up running fast.

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