The creation of tennis brought along many imitations of games with a racquet, some examples of these are squash, racquetball, paddle tennis and Padel. Padel was a sport invented in the 60’s by a man who did not have enough space in his house to build a tennis court. Since space was limited he decided to improvise something relatively similar. Hence, this is when Padel was born. Padel is often time confused with a racquet sport called Paddle Tennis. They are not the same sport.

Padel is a growing sport in the world, mostly famous in countries like Argentina, Spain, Mexico, Brazil and France. It is a very exclusive sport that has not spread to many countries, but it’s considered one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Padel is played “doubles style” with the 2 v 2 format with 4 total players. This sport has three basic material elements that make it work: a tennis ball, a racquet without strings and the court. The sport can be defined as a combination of squash and tennis.

Padel has similar rules as tennis; it is played to the best of 3 sets with the same scoring format. The original scoring format of 15-0, 15-15, 40-30 etc. Padel is played on a court that is about half the size of a tennis court. The backs of both sides of the court have glass walls. In front of the glass walls, there is wire to complete the court.

The person who serves the ball must stand behind the line, the ball has to be bounced and then hit “be served underhand”. The serve has to be cross-court to count. You may not hit the ball twice; this will lead you to lose the point. The ball may only bounce one time on the court. Once the ball has bounced on the court, it is allowed to bounce off the glass walls or the wire. If a ball hits a player before bouncing, then the point is awarded to the other team.

Padel is an incredibly fast sport that people really enjoy. However in the U.S, most of the Padel courts are in private clubs. The United States Padel association is currently working to bring Padel to every corner of the country. The challenge they face is that most people in the country know almost nothing about this sport.

The United States Padel Association is trying hard to increase awareness of the sport. The goal is to promote Padel as a fun way to exercise. The objectives of the association are to introduce Padel to racquet sport facilities and to make this incredible sport popular and accessible for everyone.

For more information about Padel check out the USPA webpage USPA webpage

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