I want to emphasize the importance of daily training to achieve your martial arts goals. In today’s world, we all have many responsibilities that serve as excuses for our lack of training. Many individuals feel that they must put a substantial amount of time towards training each day in order to make serious progress in whatever endeavor they are pursuing. However, only on the surface, is this quite reasonable and true.

An approach that works extremely well is to divide up your daily training time. Break up your training into short practice periods throughout the day. For example, in the martial arts, you can do stretching exercises in the morning that concentrate on the large muscles of the body such as the legs and back, to improve flexibility. Before lunch break, you can perform breathing exercises and katas (pre-arranged self-defense movements) to retain physical abilities. Work breaks are golden opportunities to practice honing your technique. Before dinner, you should work out again for several minutes. Doing so will encourage you to eat a bit less, thereby eliminating some unwanted calories. Try to plan your day around your training program.

I used to work on the ninth floor of an office building in Boston, and every day I would take the stairs to help improve my cardio. On the last flight, I would practice high knee strikes. Sitting in my chair, I often did neck rolls, side twists, and shoulder pulls to help maintain flexibility in my upper body. Be creative, and do what is most conducive to achieve the maximum results in a limited period of time. Even while waiting at a red light, I would do wrist and finger stretches to keep my joints loose.

Breaking down your training routine into small 5 to 10 minute periods throughout the day will greatly improve your fitness. These periods will help maintain your skills, improve your ability, and help you stay physically fit. Good luck in creating your new daily personal routine!

Tom B.