Kickboxing is an extremely popular workout in North America, but that is mostly the extent of its exposure. The sports is much more than a way to keep fit, it is a multimillion dollar industry that found its roots in the ancient practice of karate. Kickboxing lessons are far from the full contact nature of American kickboxing. The sport is often looked over by the American public as well as the media. The sport’s exposure is growing, showing hope of becoming a staple in the American media.

An international campaign to market the sport has formed under the name Glory. The event is a one-night tournament comprised of the most exciting heavyweights in the sport. Marketing the brutality of the sport the founder Bas Boon is looking to find a mainstay in the competitive media market. Some United States television companies have covered the fights. “Glory is one of the world’s most widely-broadcast sporting organizations already” ( Yet the event is mostly unknown in North America. The struggle continues to make professional kickboxing spread east.

The Asian based roots of kickboxing help maintain the popularity of the sport, but the eastern market is not as accepting. Frequenters of kickboxing lessons often don’t enjoy the brutality of the sport, or seek to watch it on a professional level. Without a strong professional impact on the sports exposure in North America, kickboxing seems to be stuck as a workout.

Perhaps an American star will raise kickboxing’s popularity in the North America, but until then campaigns like Glory will continue to struggle in the American market. While the professionals lay it all out on the line overseas, Americans seem happy just frequenting their kickboxing lessons, never actually competing. Throughout the years we have been able to witness new sports and new sports stars rise from all around the world. Most of those sports stars come to America to compete, allowing the fans of the sport to fall in love. Americans are very accepting when it comes to sports, sports have always been the favorite past time of the country. Hope can be planted in the hearts of true kick boxing fans that one day America will see the potential in kick boxing, and it too will join the list of America’s favorite sports.