Affordable and Accessible: The Trend of Private Coaching

Across the country, private sports coaching is on the rise.

Athletes and parents have realized just how affordable and accessible one-on-one sports instruction is.  From young athletes to adult exercisers, athletes are escaping the mark-ups of gyms and camps by shifting their training regime from group instruction to personalized and customized coaching.

A common misconception associated with private coaching is that it is an expensive investment, reserved only for the most elite of athletes. This is no longer true.  Looking at the national average hourly cost of private coaching in popular sports, such as, basketball, soccer, football, hockey and running, at any level, the average cost of a coaching session is between $40-$60 an hour.  When you do a side-by-side comparison of the cost of private coaching next to the cost of personal trainer, a camp or a clinic, private coaching turns out be a valuable and affordable investment.

Private coaching has become affordable for several reasons:

1. Coaches are now working with athletes at their own facilities or outdoors, which cuts out the facilities costs and business mark-ups of gyms.

2. Coaches are using services, like CoachUp, to receive liability insurance.  This allows coaches to offer their services at affordable rates to athletes without passing off insurance costs to clients.

3. Coaches are competing for business and are now adjusting their hourly rates and offering custom packages based on the specific needs of athletes.

Coaching becomes even more affordable when two to four athletes participate in a private small group session and split the costs.  When it comes to CoachUp’s top 10 most popular sports, a group coaching session can reduce training costs to less than $20 an hour.  For just $20, athletes receive more personalized coaching than at a camp. Camps and clinics can cost anywhere from $300-$500 per athlete.

The second misconception about private coaching is that it is not easily accessible. On the contrary, private coaching is more accessible today than ever before.  From California to New York, 12,000 coaches and trainers are now marketing their services with CoachUp.  Most coaches are coaching one-on-one to supplement their team coaching, or another line of work.  Retired and current professional athletes, like MLS player and soccer coach Chandler Hoffman, are also  pursuing private coaching to continue doing what they love, and to help the next generation of young athletes. Even instructors in disciplines sports as yoga and dance are offering to help athletes perfect their craft in one-on-one sessions.

While the landscape of athletics and training will continue evolve, all athletes now have a chance to play on a more level playing field with access to private coaching.  With just a few clicks, athletes now have the ability to find exactly the type of help they need in order to achieve their athletic goals.  Whether the goal is to make a varsity team, score a college scholarship or lose weight to improve health; everyone deserves the chance to accomplish their goals.  Private coaching is one way, with a proven track record of success, to help athletes take their training to Another Level.

Are you an interested in getting a taste of private coaching? We're holding 3 Boston area skill clinics this summer to help introduce athletes to small group training and private coaching.  Visit our training clinic page to learn more about this initiative.


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Reach another level
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