When searching for the perfect workout, many people try to find one that not only improves their fitness but also gives them a skill they can apply sensibly to their lives. For example, a stressed out mother or college student might opt for yoga or Pilates to work on their muscle strength while also centering and relaxing their bodies. Scorching the competition and participants’ calories at an amazing 700-1,000 per hour session, kickboxing classes are quickly becoming a popular workout plan for both athletes and non-athletes to tone their bodies and get in shape. However kickboxing isn’t just a great way to get physically fit, as it also proves to be a beneficial way for the trainee to learn the art of self-defense.

Kickboxing classes break down the physical basics of the sport as a means of self-defense by highlighting the best ways to react to an attack, including where to stand, how to move and the most beneficial ways of fighting back. Emilio G., a CoachUp kickboxing trainer, states that the classes are a “great tool for self-defense and a weapon for learning how to protect yourself” and encourages anyone looking to gain confidence or get in better physical condition to take a lesson. Through classes Emilio explains the participant “builds and improves cardiovascular strength, speed, weight loss/gaining muscle, flexibility, and confidence.” This takes place through intense cardio workouts that strengthen both the respiratory system and heart, as well as build core muscles, muscles in the arms, shoulders, and legs.

Having self-defense skills also gives participants a greater peace of mind. Emilio says he’s “not only noticed significant improvement physically, but a mental improvement as well” because of the “tremendous amount of self-confidence and mental toughness” his athletes gain in a short amount of time. In addition to the peace of mind one gains from knowing they can successfully ward off unwanted confrontation, participants in kickboxing classes also release pent-up frustration and aggression.  The various movements in kickboxing require extreme concentration and focus, which in turn helps force the problems of the day out of their head. Kickboxing class participants often feel a renewed sense of calm after lessons that keep them coming back again and again for further training.

People who take kickboxing classes as a means of fitness also benefit with the fact that they are learning self-defense techniques they can apply to real world situations if and when necessary. When looking for a new workout routine to increase fitness levels and learn a new practical skill, both athletes and non-athletes should look to kickboxing classes to accomplish their goals. Whether you’re a fitness junkie or a beginner just getting started with a workout routine, kickboxing can help set you on the track to achieve your current fitness goals as well as benefit your mind and safety.

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