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Just Shoot | A CoachUp Success Story

CoachUp parent Joann shares the story of how much her son David has improved in playing basketball by taking CoachUp private training.

David (CoachUp Athlete): One thing that he said, was just, to shoot. Just don’t be afraid to shoot. He said don’t be afraid to miss, either.

Joann Speidel (David’s Mom): After watching my son play basketball, I knew that he needed some skill building. I know that one on one would be great, but I didn’t know where to go, so I started with clinics. I signed him up for a clinic, and I thought that would help. But there were twenty children and one coach. And I thought to myself, wow, he’s not getting individual skills, and then I found CoachUp through a friend and I signed him up for that and I just couldn’t believe the difference.

Coach Anthony Gurley: We’ve been working together for about a month now and I definitely see improvement every session. You know he’s picking up on things fast, we’ve been working on his overall game, ball handling, shooting, working hard on another level consistently, bringing that level of intensity every time you step on the court. He came right in, was willing to listen, willing to work hard and, you know, things have been going great. I can only see great things happening in the future.

David: When I started I wasn’t as good. I didn’t have much confidence, but now he’s given me a lot of confidence and he’s really helping me improve my game. Like, I used to pass up wide open three point shots, but now I’m able to knock ‘em down.

Coach Anthony: Since we’ve gotten together, I can see a total different change in his game, his demeanor. He’s grown to get outside of his comfort zone.

Joann: He struggled with academics, and we were coming back from a game and I said, David, you know you can do A work in school? And he said yes, I know. It floored me. I couldn’t believe I heard that from my son.

David: Like when I do good in games I feel good about myself, and like it makes me feel good about myself in school too.

Coach Anthony: When someone is doing well on the floor, it can have a positive effect off the floor as well.

Joann: He put a lotta hard work into playing basketball and he saw the accomplishment. Now he realizes that he can do the same in academics.

Coach Anthony: If he’s showing confidence on the floor, then he’s gonna show confidence socially, in the classroom. You know, I think there’s a positive correlation when it comes to that.

Joann: I’ve been pleasantly impressed by CoachUp. I would definitely recommend private coach to other moms, other parents. It benefits in so many ways. Through sports and academic, and as a mentor.

Coach Anthony: This is my time to give back to kids that wanna improve their game and really love basketball, you know. And um, we come together with one common goal and that’s to help him improve.

Joann: He’s getting it all now. What Anthony’s put into his brain is that he can do it. The confidence is there.

Coach Anthony: Just seein’ him improve is what warms my heart, is what makes me smile, this is why I do it.

Joann: As a mom, watching stages of my son’s improvement from beginning to now, which is not the end, it makes me wanna cry. It’s just a wonderful feeling.

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