CoachUp is pleased to welcome Julian Edelman of the New England Patriots to its Athlete Advisory Council. Edelman had his best year on the field in 2013 and is poised to have another standout year in 2014. Edelman joins Boston Bruins President Cam Neely and Philadelphia 76ers player Nerlens Noel on the CoachUp Athlete Advisory Council. As a council member, Edelman will weigh in on CoachUp business endeavors and provide input on strategy, programs, products, and services. Edelman will also take part in CoachUp events and social media activities, as well as appear in CoachUp media. Upon entering the NFL after playing as a quarterback at Kent State, Edelman developed skills as a wide receiver and punt returner. This past year, Edelman had the best receiving season of his career with 105 catches for 1,056 yards and six touchdowns. He returned a career-high 35 punts for 374 yards. “I met the CoachUp team through mutual friends in Boston, and it’s a company that I just had to get involved with,” says Edelman. “I am a much better athlete thanks to the private coaches that have helped me throughout my career. Personal coaching has been critical to my success, both in football skill development and in the weight room, as I’ve always tried to improve as a player and as an athlete.”   


julian edelman

CoachUp Founder and CEO Jordan Fliegel provided further information as to why Edelman and CoachUp make a good fit. “Julian had a unique path to the NFL,” says Fliegel. “He started out as a quarterback in college, but when he transitioned to the NFL he had to work extremely hard through personal instruction to develop a completely different skillset as a receiver and punt returner. Some people thought he was too small and wouldn’t be able to make an impact. It goes to show how much difference private coaching can make, not only at the youth level, but in professional sports as well. Julian’s work ethic, passion for CoachUp, and belief in the value of private coaching make him a perfect addition to our Athlete Advisory Council.”

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