Julian Edelman is back + healthy — here’s how to train like him

Julian Edelman is back + healthy — here’s how to train like him

If you’ve been following Julian Edelman’s rehab and recovery from the broken foot that has kept him out since November 16th, you’re likely excited that he’ll be back on Saturday night against the Kansas City Chiefs. Not only is Julian one of the New England Patriots’ greatest offensive weapons, but he’s one of CoachUp’s own. His dynamic speed and ability with the ball makes him a crucial piece to the Patriots’ attempt to defend the throne in the coming weeks. However, it hasn’t always been that way. In fact, many told Julian that he was too small to make it in the NFL, which ultimately spawned our great video with him:

So, how can you train like Julian?
Julian helped us create an entire Training Guide in hopes of teaching young athletes the same methods, strategies, and work ethic that has made him one of the league’s most talented players. With that all-important showdown against the Chiefs on tap, there’s no better time than now to re-share that with you as well.

In the end, his rehab wasn’t easy and it was even harder for him to watch his team from the sidelines. But with the work ethic and discipline displayed in our guide, it’s no surprise that he’s at full strength and ready to lead New England to another Superbowl! If you want to train like Julian, head to our Training Center below and get started! 

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