The Journey of Stephen Curry, 0 to 100

It’s the early afternoon in a Northern California gym and the CoachUp team is gathered to shoot our first video with Stephen Curry. As we chat with him, he’s relaxed and we’re excited to see some of his ball handling tricks up-close. We hand him a copy of his 2009 NBA scouting report in preparation for filming. He skims it over with a knowing smirk.

“…Stephen’s explosiveness and athleticism are below standard. He’s not a great finisher around the basket. He needs to considerably improve as a ball handler…”

Stephen’s used to criticism. He’s faced doubters his entire career. It doesn’t faze him anymore (if it ever truly did). In fact, the negative feedback is fuel. He deflects it and then uses it. The drive to prove his critics wrong has catapulted him forward. Today, he’s done way more than just prove them wrong. As league champion and MVP, Stephen has surpassed every expectation. His example is one that resonates for athletes of all abilities and one that we believe wholeheartedly in. It’s not about natural strength, talent, ability, or height — it’s about hard work. That’s why, at his very core, Curry couldn’t be a better partner for CoachUp. He’s a quintessential example of what we’re about. We believe in the fundamental power of one-on-one coaching and its ability to transform an athlete both on and off the court. Stephen Curry Making this video is even more significant to our team in the context of our history. CoachUp athlete advisor, Julian Edelman, participated in a similar draft report video for CoachUp last fall. He too faced a lot of doubters. He didn’t let that deter him. He became an NFL champion. The background track, from the song 0 to 100/The Catch Up by Drake, is a great parallel to Stephen’s life. It also aligns with our philosophy of training with a private coach: to perfect anything in life, you need to spend time on it and give it 100 percent of your effort. Private coaching helps you know yourself and know your worth. Ultimately, it helps you reach another level and find your own version of one hundred.   

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