Julian Edelman Draft Report | Only Two Things You Can Do

Julian Edelman Draft Report | Only Two Things You Can Do

Congratulations to our Athlete Ambassador, Julian Edelman, on winning his second Super Bowl! 

Some people thought Julian Edelman of the New England Patriots was too small and wouldn’t be able to make an impact. His jaw-dropping catch in Super Bowl LI proved otherwise. It goes to show how much difference private coaching can make, not only at the youth level, but in professional sports as well.

Julian Edelman: 5’10”, 198 pounds. Position: Undetermined. He’s too small and unconventional. Maybe he can provide enough competition to push more established players. There are questions about his durability and he is an unknown; a wide receiver. A player like Edelman can fill a role on special teams. Perhaps he’s just a camp arm to get the wide receivers more work. It is unlikely that Edelman is being brought to New England to make an impact. He is a gimmick prospect who lacks a true position at the next level. A reach. A 7th rounder. There are only two things you can do when someone says you’re not good enough: you can prove them right, or you can prove them wrong.

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