Indiana to make all public school coaches take concussion training

Indiana to make all public school coaches take concussion training

As always, we’re simply delighted to report on any positive news on the youth sports side of things and this certainly fits the bill. Per RTV6 in Indianapolis, starting in 2017, all public school coaches in grades 5-12 must take a course on concussion safety. Of course, this will include training on spotting symptoms, the red flags, and then how to treat them. The law will also help support and defend coaches from being sued for injuries if they properly passed the test and took all necessary precautions with an athlete.

While playing dizzy may seem scary, the consequences of another major impact once concussed are even more dangerous. Indiana seems to be one of the few states leading the charge on healthier and safer youth sports, so we hope that everyone else will follow suit. A concussion is no joke and the repercussions are far more important and life-impacting than a silly game, win or lose.

With concussion after-effects ranging from cloudiness and pain to the inability to sleep and much worse, it’s time that we start taking better care of our future generations. It’s been a slow burn, but we commend Indiana for taking a huge step in the right direction. Does your state have concussion education? Is your high school masters of the head injury yet? We can all play a part in improving your child’s favorite sport — so let’s stop waiting!

RTV6, Indianapolis — Indiana mandates concussion training for public coaches

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