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I Will Always Look Up to Coach | CoachUp Success Story

CoachUp Coach Daniel Flores sits down with CoachUp to discuss the impact he has had on his clients’ lives on and off the diamond.

Albert: Baseball was always in the back of my head, but I never thought I’d be good enough to play baseball. Eduardo: He actually had played a little bit of Little League, but he was very shy. We thought about sending him to a baseball camp but, I felt like maybe that one on one attention a little bit more, and we found CoachUp. Coach Flores had some really good reviews on there, so we booked 20 sessions. Coach Daniel Flores: At first he kind of came to us with his head down and shoulders slumped over. The things that I work on specifically as a private coach is covering the five tools as a baseball player, which is: arm strength, speed, hitting for average, hitting for power and defense. Eduardo: At the moment he said yes to CoachUp, everything has improved. Albert: Coach Daniel has been teaching me the mechanics. Like how to crow hop, and catching the ball with two hands and making sure I can throw the ball all the way to the catcher. Daniel: When he first came to me, his arm was not that strong and when he would throw he was wild. But now his arm is very strong and accurate as well. He throws harder than some of the players on my adult baseball team. Albert: My batting average has been going up. He gave me more confidence because he’s been telling me that I’m good, which I didn’t believe before, but now, I realize that I am. I see the other kids play and I’m like “oh, I’m that good too.” Daniel: He’s now just confident, he believes in himself, he’s actually doing really great in school too. He said he had about a 3.5 GPA Albert: My grades haven’t been always good, until I started playing baseball. It taught me how to be more disciplined. Daniel: At the very least, we hope to get him to a division one college, even if it’s academics. Eduardo: By us taking the first step, and getting on CoachUp, that is probably one of the best things I’ve done for my son. Daniel: When a parent tells me, “oh you helped change my child’s life and not only that, our whole family”, I’m like “wow, that’s great!” Albert: I could see coach Danny as my mentor, even if I play professional baseball, I’ll look up to coach Daniel for help, because he’s always been there.

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