5 Rock Climbing Drills and Tips for Working on Technique

Rock climbing is a sport that requires strength and balance. The sport isn’t only about climbing from point A to point B; your technique also matters if you are looking to get the best workout. By performing several rock climbing drills, you can improve your technique and maximize the fitness benefits the sport provides. If you’re an athlete looking to improve your rock climbing technique, check out the following rock climbing drills and tips, and reach up for another level.

Climb with one hand behind your back.

Using only one hand will strengthen one arm at a time. It will also force you to have a solid footing before reaching up. By using only one hand while rock climbing, you will need to shift your weight on your legs and use the leg muscles more than your upper body muscles. Your leg muscles are stronger than your arm muscles, and this drill will get your body used to climbing more with your legs than your arms.

Touch one hold.

When your hand or foot touches a hold, you can’t move it to select a different one. You will have to choose your climbing route carefully. It will also teach you to make the most of a bad hold. You may need to twist, reach, or lunge in order to get out of a bad position.

Practice climbing different routes.

To develop skills on a wide variety of climbing routes, you can practice them in succession. Climb on different types of walls at different angles. You will need to use different climbing techniques depending on the wall you are climbing.

Climb deliberately.

When you climb, watch each hand and foot until you place it on the hold. You shouldn’t be making loud noises or dragging your feet when you climb. Pick a spot that you want to reach for, and slowly make your move. By doing this, you will have more control of your movements and prevent mistakes.

Turn your body while you’re climbing.

By turning your hips as you climb, you can improve your technique. Turning your hips makes it easier for you to straighten your arms. For each move you make, turn your hips into the wall. You should be moving your hips side to side the whole way up the wall.

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