When you read my articles you will find that I have many thoughts or expressions that get right to the heart of the matter. One of the favorite expressions is “How We Practice During the Week is How We Will Play on Game Day”


If we have a bad week of football practice generally we will not play as well during the game. Conversely, if we have a great week of practice we generally play well during the game. Everything you do during the game is learned or not learned during practice.



One of the main jobs of the football coaching staff is to make sure that there are good, efficient practices during the week. Many leagues now regulate how much a team can practice. They limit how many hours a week you can practice and give coaches fewer days to prepare before the first game of every season.



Offense, Defense, Special Teams, Blocking, and Tackling all need to be taught to players. Developing athletes takes time and efficient practice. Parents wonder why coaches are so upset when boys miss practice but then wonder why their son isn’t starting or playing well.



Many football coaches are faced with coaching players with little or no experience or knowledge of the sport. Now, with the leagues continually limiting team’s practice schedules and giving them being fewer hours, practice is more important than ever.



Lets assume that two football teams of equal talent level, practice hours, coaching staffs, and football systems take the field. What’s left to separate these teams? Good efficient practices is whats left. Many people are confused when two comparable teams play each other, yet one team looks far superior. If you are wondering why, watch them practice, and you will quickly find out what separated the winners from the losers.



So get the work done correctly in practice and the games will take care of themselves. See you on the other side.



Coach Richard P.