There are many aspects of being a good Ultimate Frisbee player. There is running, jumping, catching, blocking, and throwing. Of all these aspects of Ultimate Frisbee, throwing is the one that takes the most practice. It involves proper technique and strength. There are many different ways that players can throw Frisbees. The three ways you can throw a Frisbee are forehand, backhand, and overhead. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here are the three techniques and how to master them:

Backhand: This is the most common and simple Frisbee toss. Let’s start with the grip. Hold the Frisbee with your dominant hand. Your thumb should be on top of the Frisbee with the pointer finger wrapped around the edge. Next curl the rest of your fingers under the Frisbee. Now for the stance. Stand with your dominant foot forward and your body parallel to the direction you’re throwing. Your shoulders should be pointed directly at your target, and when you throw they shouldn’t move. Now bend your throwing arm towards your body and step forward with your dominant foot. When you throw the Frisbee, you should keep your arm and Frisbee parallel to the ground so that it releases at a flat angle. If the Frisbee flies crooked, it will veer one direction or the other. When you do release the Frisbee, you should point your finger at your target as you follow through.

Forehand: Unlike a backhand, throwing the forehand pass, or the “flick,” is all in the wrist. It involves no arm or body strength, just the pronation of your wrist. Again let’s start with the grip. First, put your thumb around the rim. Then, make a “peace sign” with your middle and index finger. Now put your middle finger along the inside of the rim and your pointer finger under the Frisbee for support. Your stance should be the opposite of the backhand. Your opposite foot should be forward, and your opposite shoulder should be pointing at your target. Now cock your wrist slightly back and forcefully flick the Frisbee at your target. Like your backhand, the Frisbee should be parallel to the ground to keep it flying straight.

Overhead: Overhead is also known as the hammer toss. It is very similar to the flick. However, instead of throwing the Frisbee parallel to the ground you will hold it above your head and perpendicular to the ground. Throw it just like you would a forehand.

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