Volleyball Tips: How To Set A Volleyball

Former college volleyball player and CoachUp coach Lok-Tin Yao shows how to set a volleyball. Starting with your right foot forward, you want to put your hands in the shape of the ball, conform your hands to the ball, and push it out towards the attacker on your team.

Volleyball Tips: How To Set A Volleyball Hi, I’m Lok-Tin Yao, former collegiate volleyball player and CoachUp coach. And this is a set. Setting is a crucial part of the game because the setter determines who gets the ball on the offensive play. So today we’re gonna go over setting. Alright, first thing first is you want your hands above your head and then for your hands, you wanna form the shape of the ball so that if the ball fell in, it would settle nicely into her hands. And then next thing is you want your right foot in front of your left so that you can push the ball out.

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