Julian Edelman’s Pump Up Playlist

Julian Edelman’s Pump Up Playlist

We wanted to know what music Julian Edelman listens to before a big game to get pumped up. He shared his top 9 songs along with his reasoning for selecting a few of them. Check out his playlist below, and turn the music up in your headphones the next time you’re training.

Why Julian listens to a few of these songs:

I think Trophies has a great beat. It’s perfect for listening to when you have a goal in mind and are working hard towards achieving it. ‘Till I Collapse is a great motivational song. You can’t NOT get pumped up listening to this song. I think the lyrics are perfect: “Until the roof comes off, until my legs give out from underneath me, I will not fall, I will stand tall. Feels like no one can beat me.” All Me is a good Drake track. This one’s good for getting ready for a workout or cooling down. Sometimes you need to just tune out what your critics are saying. HyperParadise (Flume Remix) is just a fire jam that gets me amped up!

Listen to Julian’s playlist to get in the zone or during a training session.

Want to train like Julian?

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