How To Punt A Soccer Ball

Former VCU goalkeeper and CoachUp coach, Vasili Uspensky, teaches goalkeepers how to punt a soccer ball. Goalkeepers can punt a ball to give forwards an opportunity to strike. To punt a ball, just toss it up lightly, and kick through it!

Vasili Uspensky: Hi I’m Vasili Uspensky, former VCU goalkeeper and CoachUp coach. And this is the punt. This is Patrick. Patrick is fighting for a spot on his varsity squad, and today, we’re gonna work on the punt. The punt is a kick used by keepers primarily on counterattack. It’s not the most accurate, but it’s gonna give your forwards an opportunity to strike, while the opposing team is nearby. You wanna hold the ball in the opposite hand of your kicking foot. You wanna hold it out in front of you, give it a light toss, and then kick through it. Make contact with your laces slightly below the ball. Drive through the ball with your foot, ankle, nice and long. Nice. Wow, you can hear that, that was good. That actually was good.

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