Tennis Tips: How To Hit A Forehand

Former Division 1 tennis player and CoachUp coach, Paul Hammond, demonstrates how to hit a forehand. Getting more comfortable hitting a forehand will help you build good habits and routines that you can use in match situations. Use the correct grip and keep your elbow in front of your torso.

Tennis Tip: How To Hit A Forehand Hi, my name’s Paul Hammond, former Division 1 tennis player & CoachUp coach. And this is the forehand. Many people are more comfortable hitting a forehand than a backhand, but the goal is to build really good habits and routines so when you get into a match situation, your forehand can be consistent and still be your weapon. So when we’re working on the forehand, what I really wanna see from you is that you get the correct grip where the palm of your hand controls the racket face, so the racket face becomes an extension of your hand. I want you to use a lot less arm, don’t let your elbow get caught behind your body, but instead try to keep it in front of your torso. If we can create a nice simple motion here from ready position, where your racket’s up top to create a nice letter C. Now we’ll be able to generate a dip in the racket head where we can drive a lot of racket head speed up the back of the ball.

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