Field Hockey Tips: How To Hit A Field Hockey Ball

Former college field hockey player and CoachUp coach Anna Giannoni shows how to hit a field hockey ball. After you position the ball an arm and sticks length away, step with your non dominant foot and follow through to where you want the ball to go.

Anna Giannoni: Hey guys, my name’s Anna Giannoni. I’m a former college field hockey player and a CoachUp coach. And this is driving the ball. Yeah, here you uh, do the, girl thing. The importance of the drive is not only to score on net, but to advance your team down the field. Right, so how you’re gonna do this is that you’re gonna have your left hand at the end of your stick, you’re gonna have your right hand at the end of the grip. The ball’s probably gonna be closer to your body than you want it to, so what you’re gonna do is, you’re gonna push the ball out so it’s an arm and stick’s length away and you’re gonna step with your left foot. When you step with your left foot, you’re also gonna be bringing your stick back, and your right hand’s gonna be coming down to meet with your left. And then you’re gonna follow through, aim for the back of the ball, and when you follow through, you’re gonna be pointing where you want the ball to go.

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