How To Catch A Lacrosse Ball | CoachUp Lacrosse Tips

Boston Cannon’s midfielder and CoachUp coach, Mike Stone, shows the proper way to catch a lacrosse ball. Catching the ball is very important in maintaining possession and putting your team in a position to win

Mike Stone: I’m Mike Stone, midfielder for the Boston Cannons and CoachUp coach. And this is catching the ball. Catching the ball helps your team maintain possession, whether you’re wide open, or in traffic in the middle of the field. To catch consistently, improve your hand eye coordination by keeping your top hand at the top of your stick and your hands out in front of your body. This lets you watch the ball into your stick, you can bring it back next to your ear, to make sure you retain possession and keep it protected, and also have it in an effective place where you can then move your hands down to pass or shoot.

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