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How Should HS Athletes Contact College Coaches

We recently discussed the topic of parental involvement in the recruiting process, and we’d like to expand upon a submission to the CoachUp Q&A to redirect the topic towards athletes. The question at hand was, “what is the best way for a 16 year old to contact college coaches? Email, clinics, camps?” With the variety of ways that there are for athletes to make contact with college coaches, let’s go into the benefits of each of the most accessible and appropriate

What are the best ways for high school athletes to contact college coaches?

  • Direct outreach
    Emailing college coaches with expressed interest may seem nerve wracking, but in all reality, there is very little downside to doing so. Recruiting efforts for college coaches are limited by financial resources offered by their institutions, and it takes a great amount of time and energy to surface all of the potential recruits that they need to fill out a roster. Of course, the dream is to be fawned over by coaches from top programs across the nation, but even some of the best athletes fall under the radar of college coaches in high school.
  • Attend clinics/camps
    Many college coaches attend recruiting events. Simply pull up your internet browser and search for college athletics recruiting events near you to find one nearby. While these camps tend to come with a sign-up fee of some sort, they offer athletes the opportunity to showcase their skills in front of multiple college coaches, and open the door to communication and recruitment that may not have existed otherwise. Try to stay loose for these events and let your personality shine through both in your play and in introductions to coaches. College programs are looking for individuals who fit their existing culture, and these recruiting camps and clinics are a great way to show coaches who you really are.
  • Third party resources
    Finding someone to work on your recruiting for you is much easier than many people realize. CoachUp’s partner, NCSA, is one of the leading programs in helping high school athletes attain scholarships and financial aid opportunities through sports. Paying for a profile on one of these recruiting sites is a surefire way to get more eyes on your game and can open the door to opportunities that may have never come up through direct outreach and recruiting events.

It is important to continue to believe that the right situation is out there for you. Have the confidence to pursue your dreams in every way you can, and the right opportunity will make itself available to you.

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