Healthy Alternatives to Super Bowl Food

On average, fans will eat 2,400 calories worth of snack foods during the Super Bowl, not counting drinks or actual meals. Americans will eat so many buffalo wings that they could stretch from Century Link Field to Gillette Stadium…55 times. Here are 5 healthy (healthier anyway) alternatives to the classic staples for Super Bowl food. For more healthy recipes, be sure to download the CoachUp Cookbook. [maxbutton id=”9″]

1. Black bean salad

Substitute for loaded nachos. Loaded with canned olives, peppers, processed cheese, and meat, nachos aren’t exactly the lightest of fan fare. Get a full dose of fresh veggies with a black bean salad. Serve in a bowl or pair with chips to make it finger-friendly. super bowl food

2. Pulled pork

Substitute for hamburger and hot dogs. Ditch the white buns, frozen dogs and burgers, and turn on your slow cooker. Rub pork shoulder with spices and pair with baked beans for a healthy alternative to your usual processed meat. super bowl food

3. Turkey chili

Substitute for ground beef chili. Opt for a leaner source of protein by making your chili with turkey meat pieces instead of ground beef. Make sure you add in different types of beans to make your chili protein packed and extra-filling. super bowl food

4. Chocolate coconut macaroons

Substitute for cake and cookies. Forget sugar loaded, calorie dense cookies and cake, it’s been done before. Try your hand at making non-bake chocolate macaroons. Coconut, coconut oil, honey, sea salt and high quality chocolate powder make for a delicious treat. Pop into the freezer and they’re ready to go when your guests get a dessert fixing. super bowl food

5. Buffalo chicken wings

Substitute for…nothing. Let’s face it, there is no substitute for the real thing. People just love buffalo wings; in fact, the National Chicken Council estimates Americans will eat 1.25 billion chicken wings this year. However, you can always cut down on excess calories and fats by taking it easy on the blue cheese dip, and alternating eating wings with celery or carrots. super bowl food

If you’d like to build your diet around your training plan, we have some healthy options available in the CoachUp Cookbook. Plan out your breakfast, lunch, and dinner based on whether you’re focusing on weight loss, endurance, recovery, or strength. [maxbutton id=”9″]

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