How To Correct Your Slice

How To Correct Your Slice

One of the most frequent issues that can plague an amateur golfer’s game is a sliced shot. Typically, these shots are the product of a few bad habits, so golfers despise watching their initially straight shots veer off. The slice shot is a wonderful problem because if you’ve ever played golf, you’ve hit this shot. On a basic level, slicing the ball is an issue that every golfer has gone through at one point or another. Even the very best of professionals can have lapses in judgement or accidentally overcompensate for a desired effect.

It can be frustrating, especially when happen in crucial, important situations, but it’s a totally fixable issue. CoachUp has put together a few quick tips for remedying your slice shot. Take these tips with you the next time you’re out — that way you can spend more time on the course and less in the woods!

Slice Golf

Inside-Out Swing
For a golfer at any level, an inside-out swing upon impact is key. If you find yourself slicing on the course, the first thing you should do is examine whether you’re correctly utilizing this technique. One of the best ways to do so is by placing a straight line instrument on the ground as a reference, taking a few swings, and look for that inside-out motion each time.

Basically, you want to be swinging on the inside path during your backswing and on the outside through your downswing. Use your point of reference to find out exactly where your clubface is during each part of your swing. If the clubface is on the outside of your line of reference during the backswing, that means you’re likely using an outside-in approach, a likely cause of your slice. If you can re-achieve the inside-out motion of a swing, you’ll likely correct your slice.

Check The Clubface
Another common cause of the slice shot is opening your clubface upon impact. To determine whether you’re leaving the clubface open, look at it once you’ve addressed the ball. If it’s aimed right of your target, then the face is open and will likely result in a sliced shot. Remember and make a conscious effort to keep the clubface straight and focused towards your intended target. If you’re opening the clubface upon impact, your grip is usually to blame. Loosening your grip will keep the clubface flush upon impact and result in more accurate shots.

Ball Position + Hands
Ball position is vital when it comes to accuracy. If the ball is too far forward in your stance, it’ll result in a pulled shot. If it’s too far back in your stance, it could result in a slice. Fixing this issue can be a matter of trial and error. Constantly try to check your ball position as your address it; then, based on the ball flight and direction, adjust accordingly.

In addition to bad ball position, a slice may be the result of your hands coming through the impact zone too late. Make sure your hands do not trail too far behind your hips at the point of impact. This can be a difficult habit to correct, but if you can keep your swing on plane and in one fluid motion, you’ll consistently hit more accurate shots.

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Huddle Up

If you diagnose these bad habits and correct them, you’ll find yourself hitting more fairways and greens, lowering your score and enjoying your days on the course even more. If you’re still struggling with proper form and results, consider booking one of CoachUp’s private trainers to set you straight. The slice can be annoying and impede on your abilities, but one of CoachUp’s private trainers can help you fix your game for the next big tournament. What are you waiting for?

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