Get Your Story Reposted by Stephen Curry — Here’s How

What does it take? What does it take to get from where you are to where you want to be? Where does grit and determination translate into success and when will those long hours working finally pay off? It’s the journey. The progress. The earned gratification. It takes the #CoachUpWay. Every day, athletes work towards their own victories with coaches, parents, mentors, and teammates. No matter how big or small, every victory is worth celebrating. So let’s celebrate together. Tell us about a recent athletic accomplishment that you’re proud of. It can be your story or an athlete’s who you’ve helped along the way, in any sport. Post it on Facebook and/or Instagram and tag @CoachUp and #CoachUpWay. The best stories will get world-wide recognition and will be reposted by Stephen Curry to more than 10 million followers. The winners will also receive over $250 worth of CoachUp prizes and gear.Stephen Curry #CoachUpWay Upload pictures, videos, detailed descriptions of what it took for you to reach your accomplishment – whatever you think helps tell your story the best. The more likes, comments, and shares you have on your post, the better chance you have for Stephen to see and repost it. Check out one of the stories behind the Stephen Curry CoachUp meet and greet: Stephen Curry #CoachUpWay Think you have a better story? Let’s hear it!  

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