Fundamentals: How to Throw a Straight Right Hand Punch

The Straight Right Hand

The straight right hand punch is always best delivered behind a left jab and as part of a specific combination, but with proper timing can be used in boxing as a lead punch (thrown individually), or as a counterpunch. The power of this punch is generated from the legs, hips, and core.

Execution of the Straight Right Hand Punch

This punch is best delivered directly in front of the right shoulder.

  1. Use your footwork to line your right shoulder up with your target.
  2. Start with shoulders relaxed, elbows tucked in, fist clenched, and the tips of your thumbs facing your opponent.
  3. Rotate right hip forward until it is fully rotated.
  4. Spin rear foot so that your heel comes off of the ground (as if you were screwing your toe into the ground).
  5. Once fully rotated, allow your right arm to extend from torso, rotate arm at the elbow, and turn palm towards the ground at the moment of impact.
  6. Only extend hand away from torso as necessary to reach target without learning forward.
  7. Snatch the punch back into starting position faster than you throw it. 

Strategy of the Straight Right Hand Punch

  • The straight right hand punch is best delivered behind a quick flicking jab, but it can be also be a counter or a lead if you are quicker or have better timing than your opponent.
  • This punch is used to punch your opponent when their center line is directly in front of your right shoulder (centerline: head, chest, or solar plexus).
  • It requires an immense amount of energy to throw this punch, and even more energy if you happen to miss. Therefore it is best to think of this punch as a large bomb that you only drop when you are sure you will hit the target or if you feel you must use it in order to intimidate your opponent from being offensive.
  • Use this punch only as necessary to:
    • Discourage opponent from advancing in
    • Set up a left hook
    • Knock opponent down or out

Fighters to Study

  • Joe Louis
  • Earnie Shavers
  • Tommy Hearns
  • Andre Ward
  • Sugar Ray Robinson

Other Punches: Jab, Left Hook, Right Uppercut

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