Fundamentals: How to Throw a Left Hook

The Left Hook

When executed properly, the hook can deliver just as much power as the straight right, and since it is closer to your opponent, this makes it one of the most dangerous punches in the sport of boxing. As with all punches, the power is generated from the legs, hips, and core. The left arm follows behind the hips in the same fashion as a golf club during a swing.

Left Hook Execution

It's important not to telegraph this punch. Never "lead" with a left hook, it must be set up with a jab, behind a right hand, or after some sort of feint.

  1. Rotate your right hip forward as though you are throwing a Straight Right Hand.
  2. Pull your right hip back as you drive your right heel into the ground.
  3. As you are pulling the right side of your body back into position, turn your left hand to the side as if you were holding a pistol, and swing your fist about 3 inches in front of your nose or to target.
  4. Snatch your left hand back into position (elbow back to hip).

Left Hook Variations

For extra power, pivot the your left foot upon impact and follow through with your left hip. Only do this when attempting a knockout punch as it can over expose you to a counter punch.

Use the following palm variations to suit your opponent:

  • Against taller opponent: Palm facing down w/elbow raised
  • Against equal height opponent: Palm neutral (Pistol Grip) with elbow relaxed
  • Against shorter opponent Palm facing up/towards your chest with elbow tucked

Fighters to Study

  • Sugar Ray Robinson
  • Oscar De La Hoya
  • Joe Frazier
  • Felix Trinidad
  • Alexis Arguello

Other Punches: Jab, Straight Right Hand, Right Uppercut

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