7 Ways to Workout with Your Dog

Feeling guilty that you don’t play with your dog as often as you should? Why not bring them along during your own workout! Exercising with your dog is a great way to get them outside and improve their fitness. Not to mention working out with your dog will also get you exercising as well! Dogs are amazing workout companions because they have a natural instinct to stay moving and they don’t complain. Incorporate your furry friend into your own workout this summer with these fun fitness tips!

1. Remix the Morning Walk

Love those long morning walks with your dog? Take those walks to the next level and make them part of your own workout. Turn the morning walk routine into a morning run. If you’re feeling confident, sign up for a doggie 5k or 10k. Doggie races are a hot trend across the country and are getting more attendees than ever. These races are a great way to push yourself while also spending some quality training time with your pet.

2. Break Out Your Wheels

Running too boring? Bike or rollerblade with your dog! These exercises will take practice and some getting used to, but going for a bike ride or rollerblading session is a great way to change up your workout. With practice, you should be able to ride along with your dog at your side without tugging on the leash at all.

3. Lunge for the Treat

Turn your squat and lunge routine into a fun game for you and your dog! While you’re doing lunges and squats, hold your arms straight out from your body with a toy or treat in one hand. As you lunge up and down your dog can jump for the treat. This is a great way to tone up your legs and play with your pet at the same time!

4. Obstacles

Dogs naturally love to climb up ramps and ladders, crawl through bridges and tubes, and jump over gates and hurdles. During dog shows, dogs display their agility by making their way through obstacle courses while their trainers run along at their side. Instead of watching this event on TV, why not try it for yourself? Set up an obstacle course in your backyard and run through it with your dog. This activity will make you and your dog more active and agile!

5. Doga

Love yoga? Love your dog? Put the two together! Doga is a new activity that is growing quickly in cities like New York City and Chicago. Trained instructors conduct a yoga class filled with poses, meditations, and massages that you can do with your dog to increase balance and flexibility. Try this activity if you are feeling adventurous!

6. Doggy Paddle

Swim with your dog! Swimming is one of the best exercises for a total body workout and if your dog likes the water, this is a great activity for you to do together. Start off by playing in shallow water and gradually make your way into the deeper water. You can even spice up those laps by playing fetch: toss a ball across the water and race your dog to it!

7. Skijor and Canicross

Skijor and Canicross are for those who really want to get the most out of their doggie workout. Skijor combines cross-country skiing and mushing for a rigorous wintertime workout. Attach yourself to your dog with a harness and hit the snow. Canicross is the dry land version of skijor. Go for a cross-country run with your dog harnessed to your body to take your classic run to the next level.

With a little creativity, you can increase your dog’s fitness while also improving your own. Use these activities as a break from routine that will leave you smiling after your workout. 

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