Selecting the right athletic camp can be a challenge. When athletes and their parents look for field camps to attend, the major factors they look for are ratio of coaches to students, price, and location. While these are important features to any camp, there is one which can make or break the player’s experience of the camp. The single most important aspect to consider when deciding on which field hockey camp to attend is the camp’s schedule.

An ideal field hockey camp’s schedule should be broken down into a warm-up, skills sessions, running and sprint drills, small (half field) games, and full field games, each as their own separate session. Each of these aspects are important to an athlete’s comprehensive training and therefore should each be their own focus. This type of schedule allows players to learn a full range of skills with training one-on-one with coaches, sprinting workouts, and the ability to show their skills in actual games and scrimmages.

 Megan S., a CoachUp field hockey coach, warns players that “if they aren’t playing for hours during the day, but are doing other activities, their parents will be paying a lot more to have their child babysat rather than coached.” While all camps should incorporate some fun activities in their daily schedules they should not be structured around them. Field hockey camps should be used as a means of training athletes through instruction and game play rather than just a fun place for them to hang out. Ideally Megan believes that at camps, parents should expect their children to “be able to play two to three times a day, with some fun activities mixed in.”

When selecting the perfect field hockey camp there are a number of different traits both parents and athletes should consider. It is important to have a mixture of different sessions, with each session highlighting a different feature in the game. The camp schedule should have a balance of different themed sessions along with some fun activities in order for the athlete to gain the most benefit from attending the camp.

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