Dynamic Upper Body Stretches

Dynamic Upper Body Stretches

From sitting at a desk to going hard in the gym, our upper bodies inevitable tense up. It is crucial to take the time to stretch your arms, shoulders, and upper back. Got 5 minutes? You have time to stretch! Follow this routine at the beginning and/or end of your workout to keep yourself operating in peak condition.

If you have a block and yoga strap available, you are welcome to use those props in this routine; however, they are not necessary.

Routine Breakdown: Child’s Pose

  • Tented fingertips
  • Reach to opposite corners of the mat

Cat-Cow Pose

  • Thread the needle

Seated Poses

  • Archer arms
  • Eagle arms


  • Hands clasped behind your back
  • Twist by grabbing opposite ankles
  • Bend knees: opposite shoulder to opposite knee

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