Drill of the Week: Power + Finesse

Since we’re in the thick of the fall season already, our newest Drill of the Week is one of our favorites for those crisp September days! This week’s drill, called Power + Finesse, is a great and fun way for the athlete to build their shooting prowess. The beauty of the Power + Finesse drill is that it can be done with just one teammate or with an entire team for extra competition. Additionally, it’ll build your shot velocity, placement, and quick-time reactions — so what are you waiting for? All you need is:

  • a goal
  • a partner
  • two soccer balls

One player should stand somewhere near the touch line with a ball at their feet. You (the shooter) should stand about 25 yards back from the goal, standing over the other ball. Once you are both ready, take a free kick — this will serve as your Power shot. Immediately after firing your first shot, break into a sprint towards the face of goal and look for a pass from your teammate. This time, look to purposefully place the ball into the corner or side netting of the goal while at full speed — this is your Finesse shot. Believe us, it’s more difficult than it sounds. Then switch with your teammate and become the passer. For an added challenge, throw a keeper into the mix! Or, have the passer dictate your type of shot. As you’re running up towards the pass, be prepared for either the Power or Finesse call, and be ready to do whatever the situation calls for. This will train you on dead ball deliveries, shooting on the run, and your ability to react, analyze, and adjust to opportunities on-the-fly. If you’ve got the whole team with you, even better! Designate a passer, put a keeper in net, and line the rest of the team up downfield. Now the stakes are raised — if you score one of your two shots, you get back in line; if you miss both, you’re out; and if you score both, you’re allowed a challenge in which the person of your choice must make both or is eliminated on the spot. Last man standing is the winner and owns bragging rights until the next time the drill is used. Ultimately, the Power + Finesse drill is wonderful because of its flexibility, creativity, and varying levels of competition. So whether you’re just with a teammate or your entire squad, you can learn how to shoot in all types of situations, so get to it! If you’re still working towards your best season yet, head over to our soccer training center for even more resources, drills, and strategies. Check it out over here!

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