Rugby is one of the fastest growing sports in the United States. In fact, it is growing so fast that the world’s most powerful rugby playing nations are starting to take notice. One of the greatest successes has been the ability of many college athletes and post college athletes making the crossover into rugby from their sport and being able to compete at some of the highest levels and on international stages. A private rugby coach can help you find out if rugby is right for you.

Rugby is a fast growing sport in the United States, and the fastest growing sport on college campuses. Rugby coaches at the college level are not necessarily looking for outstandingly talented rugby players from high school (though they are out there) but are recruiting from all sports. Rugby coaches are recruiting players with athletic ability and adaptability for college rugby and club rugby. Recently, a USA Rugby crossover camp for the national seven a side women’s team included D1 athletes from football, soccer, football and even softball. Rugby coaches look for good hand eye coordination, ball handling skills, communication and self awareness.

Although it is a difficult game to master, rugby is a fun sport to pick up either before college, in college or post college. It is a tough game, and you must approach every game expecting to take a hard knock or two. Being ‘contact fit’ is key to preventing any injury both short term and long term.

Working with a private rugby coach is an important first step to finding out whether or not rugby is right for you. A private rugby coach can help you learn the basics like fundamental skills and understanding the game. A private rugby coach will also help you with a workout that will get you in top shape for your first rugby competition by being contact fit.

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