Disc golf, or frisbee golf, is a great game and an awesome way to improve your ultimate frisbee technique. Its a very different sport from ultimate – As it sounds, disc golf is basically golf except you throw frisbees – but the throwing that you use in disc golf can help you improve and diversify your ultimate frisbee game. The sport is growing very quickly around the world and professional tournaments are becoming common. Still, disc golf is usually considered recreational. If you enjoy throwing frisbees or are looking for a fun way to improve your disc throws, disc golf is a great option for you. Here’s how the game works:

The Basics: Like regular golf, disc golf is played on a course that is either 9 or 18 holes. The scoring is also the same. Each hole has a certain number of throws that is designated as par, and each player’s score is counted by the number of throws they take and their stroke difference from par. Obviously, there are some distinct differences from normal golf. For one, the unique holes used are called “Disc Pole Holes” or “baskets”, as shown above. Also, the frisbee used for disc golf are specifically designed for the sport. Discs are divided into three categories: putters, mid-range discs, and drivers. The best disc golf players will bring a bag with several discs so they have the right disc for any situation.

Discs and Throwing: Disc golf discs are much smaller but heavier than those used in ultimate. They are shaped for control, speed, and accuracy instead of catchability. You do not want to try catching one of these frisbees! Putter discs are closer to the common catching discs that most people are familiar with because they are built for short, stable throws. Drivers on the other hand have very thick and sometimes sharp edges. The larger edges let these discs fly further and faster than other ones. When you’re out on the course you have to know how to throw each disc in different scenarios. Practice is the best way to get better, but you should know different throwing techniques before hitting the course. The two basic throws are the backhand and the forehand, though there are many alternative styles which can all be read about here. Perfecting these throws and knowing when to use them is a matter of experience and quality training. Go out and play a round of disc golf and you’ll know why it’s becoming so popular!

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