Snowboarding is one of the most exhilarating sports. There are few things more thrilling than speeding down a mountain through fresh powder. Snowboarding is more than just going down the mountain though. There are actually several different snowboarding styles. Each one is unique and offers something different for snowboarders depending on their preferences. You might prefer to have a laid back ride down the mountain. On the other hand, you might want to do as many tricks as you can. If you’re an athlete who is just starting out, try each style to see which one you like best.


The most common snowboarding style is freeriding. Not to be confused with freestyle, freeriding is snowboarding down the mountain through the terrain. There is not necessarily a trail that freeriding snowboarders follow. They choose a natural path and let the mountain be their guide. Since there isn’t a trail, this snowboarding style can be dangerous. There are no rules to freeriding, so pay attention and wear all the appropriate protective gear.


Freestyle might be the best style for snowboarders who want to go off jumps and do tricks. Many mountains have structures that are designed for freestyle snowboarding. These include jumps, rails, boxes, etc. Freestyle snowboarding can also be done on features such as half pipes, where snowboarders can get big air to do tricks.


This style of snowboarding involves doing tricks on objects such as rails, ledges, and other things that aren’t snow. This type of snowboarding is similar to grinding on a skateboard. More often than not, jibbing would fall under the freestyle category of snowboarding, but freeriders can also do it on fallen trees or branches while riding.


There are many events and competitions in which athletes race each other down the slopes. Snowboarding courses can be designed with gates to notify snowboarders where to turn. The slaloms in the Olympics are a very entertaining form of snowboard racing.

Each of these snowboarding styles is fun. Keep your safety in mind, and wear a helmet. Talk with your snowboarding coach to learn new tricks, and decide which style of snowboarding you want to try next!

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