Developing Your Off Hand

Everybody has a dominant hand, usually the hand that you write with. One of the keys to being a successful player is being able to use both hands when you need to. This is one of the first things I look at when I evaluate a player.

I look for a player that:

A – Handle the ball effectively with their off hand

B – Pass with their off hand

C – Finish with their off hand

All of these things can be crucial to your success on the court regardless of your age or skill level. Here are a couple drills I like to use to evaluate and develop the off hand:

Ball Handling

1. Off hand pound dribbles-  With knees bent in an athletic position, dribble the ball as hard as you can into the ground for 10-12 seconds. This will help you develop your strength in that hand.

2. Off hand side to side dribble- With the knees bent in an athletic position, dribble the ball as hard as possible from one side of your body to the other. As you get better at this, try different dribbling heights such as shoulder height, hip height, and shin height


I like to keep it simple with the passing to start- perform one of the ball handling drills above- from there make a pass to your partner/coach. Don’t forget to step into your pass and work on both bounce and chest passes! A great way to progress this drill is to move further away from your partner/coach.


1. Mikan Drill- This drill has been around forever, but the key is that your right hand doesn’t touch the ball. If needed, you can put it behind your back to remind you not to touch the ball. This is a great way to work on your touch with your left hand.

2. Left hand floater- This is very similar to a form shot, just think about getting the ball up over a taller defender. Even if you don’t shoot floaters in games, this is another great way to develop your touch around the rim! 

These aren’t the fanciest drills out there- but they work for all ages and skill levels! The key is just to stay CONSISTENT with them to see the results you want.

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