CU Team Spotlight: Daniel Dovev

Whoa! It’s a CU Team Spotlight Day! We’re back at it and with my desk buddy, Daniel Dovev. Daniel joined the CoachUp a few weeks ago but has already made a palpable addition to the company’s Customer Experience Squad and general office morale. Now, if you ever need to call our Support Team and get Daniel’s deep voice, you’ll be able to put the name to his handsome face! Without further ado, here’s Daniel!

CoachUp: What’s your position at CoachUp and how long have you been here?

Dan Dovev: I’m on the CX team and I’ve been here almost a month already!

What drove you to join CoachUp? Why?

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 2.55.54 PMDD: After moving back to Boston, I wanted to work at a company that was growing and where I could use my skills to make an impact. Like many people at CU, I know firsthand the impact great coaching can have one an individual, athletically and developmentally, because I am the product of great coaching. CU combines my passion for working with people and sports to totally change the way coaching works!

What’s your experience with sports (playing, spectating, coaching, etc)?

DD: I’ve been playing organized sports since I can remember. I played a lot of different sports in High School until I settled on Volleyball. Throughout High School I played Football, Wrestled, Lacrosse, Track, and Volleyball. I played intramural sports throughout my time in College. I am an assistant coach of the Harvard Men’s Club Basketball team and I am a huge Boston sports fan.

What can people find you doing in your free time?

DD: When not at work, you can find me having a beer with friends, watching Boston sports, at the gym, or buried in a good book or while enjoying a strong cup of coffee

You win an all-expense paid trip to anywhere you’d like. Where are you going and why?

DD: I’ve always wanted to go to South America, specifically Argentina. I’d love to go hiking in Patagonia. I find Argentina, and South America as a whole, fascinating because it combines both European culture and architecture with an energy, culture, and food all on its own!

What’s your favorite sports memory (played or experienced/watched)?

DD: Although there have been many, I would have to say that my favorite sports memory was when the Patriots beat the Seahawks in the Super Bowl. I was at my brother’s apartment in Los Angeles, and we both had our hands over our eyes right before Malcolm Butler intercepted Russell Wilson’s pass on the goal line. When we realized that we had actually intercepted that ball, and won, we both lost our minds and started jumping like crazy people. Suffice it to say, the neighbors weren’t please! Dan-Dovev-Final

What’s one thing about you that not a lot of people know?

DD: I actually really enjoy watching Cricket and I pull for the Australian and English teams!

Who in the office would you want by your side in a 2-on-2 basketball game + why?

DD: That’s a tough one, but I’d go with Ryan. He’s a great leader, communicator, and somebody that expects a lot out of you. Even so, he’s totally the type of dude to celebrate and give you dap for making a sweet play. Also, I heard he’s automatic from the three-point line! (*Ryan is our Creative Director, pumps the office tunes, and is an overall swell guy! His interview is coming up soon!)  Next up, we’ve got newcomer Mookie Nelson! We’re crushing it over here at CoachUp so we’re excited to give you these behind-the-scenes looks at our business, leaders, and wonderful employees! See you all next week!

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