CoachUp’s Pump-Up Playlist #1

 CoachUp’s Pump-Up Playlist #1

At CoachUp, we’re frequently asked what music gets us pumped up before games, practices, or even work. Many of us here at HQ are former (or current!) athletes, so the pre-game pump-up has played a large role in our mental state throughout the years. Since we’re always aiming to please, we’ve put together a first take at our favorite warm-up songs ever. From hip-hop to classic rock, there should be a little something here for everybody!

Whether you’re running, jumping, or swinging, these songs need to be on your next playlist. Even better, we’ve made it easier by providing the Spotify tracks for you — so go load it up, save the playlist, and get working! To create this playlist, we asked some of our coaches and employees at CoachUp for their wisdom and insight — these are their answers.

“It’s got to be Your Love by The Outfield! Not only is it an office favorite, but it puts me in the right mindset before a game too. I love this song because it gets your heart racing and ready to rip down that first base line. It really just reminds me of the summertime and the joyful nature of sports — which makes the track a must-listen.” — Mookie Nelson, Client Engagement Associate

“In college, my teammates and I enjoyed listening to artists like DMX, No Limit, Master P, and Mystikal before practice and games. These days, the music has changed, but they tend to enjoy when I play artists like Drake and his song One Dance. Music plays an important role in their production and it’s a reminder of what you can achieve and what an athlete should strive for!” Oliver Jordan, CoachUp Coach

“Mine is Helicopter by Bloc Party! The driving, fast-paced beat, the crunchy guitars, and the drummer losing his mind makes it sound like a song that should be in a supercut of football players leaping over would-be tacklers + huge bone-crushing hits.” — Ryan Light, Creative Director

“Nowadays, I Believe by KB gets me mentally ready for anything. The chorus is a group of people yelling that wonderful phrase that got popular during the 2014 World Cup. ‘I, I believe, I believe that, I believe that we will win’  is an empowering line and it’s something that every athlete should believe before they step to the free throw line or batter’s box. Believing you’re going to win is extremely important — If you have any doubt of that, then you’ve defeated yourself before your opponent does.” Zach Stevenson, CoachUp Coach

Can’t Stop by Red Hot Chili Peppers is an impossibly catchy jingle that has never failed to pump me up. From Anthony Kiedis’ nonsensical rapping to the infectious choruses, RHCP have been a staple in my volleyball warm-up for as long as I can remember. I’m always ready to destroy the ball and get way up over the net after listening to this song — so if you’re looking for similar results, start there ” — Ben Hillman, Video Marketing Producer

Falling by Maduk because it’s legendary! But, for real, I can’t stand lyrics because most lyrics are crap. I play soccer and it takes 11 to tango. One weak link can lose a game. It really stresses the importance of needing this other person that the song describes otherwise you ‘fall down.’ Makes me think of needing my teammates every inch of the way and the world (the field) is not the same without my teammates beside me.” Chase Wickham, CoachUp Coach

“As an athlete, nothing gets me more pumped up and ready for a game than Lupe Fiasco’s The Show Goes On. When this track is paired with a focused mindset and mental visualization of the task at hand, I feel as if anything is possible, regardless of my opponent and circumstance. It embodies the specific mindset that every practice, workout, or game is potentially the only chance you will get to prove yourself and your abilities to a coach, team, or, most importantly, yourself.” — Katie Curtis, CoachUp Intern

“Being that I’m an old school music lover, I tend to play a lot of that during my sessions. The one song that gets a session moving is McFadden and Whitehead’s Ain’t No Stopping Us Now. The lyrics of the song will make anyone of any age become motivated. Obviously, the younger athletes don’t get it at first, but once I explain the lyrics, they love it. The song definitely gets me going, especially during early morning sessions when you think you just can’t wake up.” Poncho Hodges, CoachUp Coach

“Big powerful guitars, a booming chorus, and lyrics that you’ll become addicted to instantly make Victorious by Wolfmother a perfect fit for this playlist. Try listening to this without getting your blood pumping — I think it might be impossible. Don’t yell the chorus out if you’ve got headphones on and are around other people though, which is to say: don’t make my mistake! Soccer, basketball, running, whatever — this song should be your new go to jam.” — Ben Nadeau, Content Manager

What are you favorite songs? Submit yours for our next playlist and you could be featured!

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