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CoachUp U.S.A. #1 soccer coach; CoachUp U.S.A MVP Most Impactful Coach; Professional soccer player Charlotte Eagles 2014; U.S. Club Soccer U-17 Boys National Championship View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
  • University of Alabama--Birmingham (AL)

  • 6 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Defense, Forward, Goalkeeper, Midfield

  • Agility, Corner Kicks, Crossing, Dribbling, First Touch, Free Kicks, Goal Kicks, Heading, One-Touch, One-on-Ones, Passing, Penalty Kicks, Shooting, Throw-Ins


  • University of Alabama--Birmingham (AL)

  • 6 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Defense, Forward, Goalkeeper, Midfield

  • Agility, Corner Kicks, Crossing, Dribbling, First Touch, Free Kicks, Goal Kicks, Heading, One-Touch, One-on-Ones, Passing, Penalty Kicks, Shooting, Throw-Ins

More About Coach Chase

I believe I have the most elite soccer development structure in Charlotte. I have an excelling mind, pay VERY close attention to detail, and am extremely relational which helps the players I coach get comfortable and start developing at a very fast pace.

Along with a faithful labourer of the beautiful game, I am dedicated to continuous improvement and maximizing potential. I most recently played professional soccer for the Charlotte Eagles. In my University career, I was a 3 out of 3 year starter for the University of Alabama at Birmingham Blazers who were ranked as high as #1 in the nation. In my three years at UAB, I started 57 of 59 games and achieved numerous all-conference and all-tournament team awards. Only by the grace of God have been able to achieve anything I have.

Additional Coaching Experience

- National Champions for U.S. Club Soccer with my U-17 team (my first ever team) in 2017. The core of this team was put together from players I did personal training with.
Interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=COmjIcPDIPU&app=desktop
Newspaper: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/local/community/south-charlotte/article167033577.html
- CoachUp U.S.A MVP Most Impactful Coach 2015 (http://blog.coachup.com/2016/01/12/coachup-mvp-awards-chase-wickham/)
- 2016 U.S. Club Soccer National Champions (U-17)
- Charlotte Eagles Director of Youth Player Development
- CoachUp U.S.A. #1 soccer coach in North Carolina
- CoachUp U.S.A. #1 soccer coach in America
- CoachUp U.S.A. #3 coach in America for all sports
- My team nominated for Boys Club Team of the Year at the Greater Charlotte Soccer Gala
- Charlotte Eagles Summer Camps: Coaching ages 5-16
- Charlotte Eagles Clinics: Coaching players ages 5-16
- Charlotte Eagles Urban Eagles: Coaching players 5-14
- UAB Elite Camps: These involved coaching and assessing players ages 15-18 in the recruitment process for NCAA DI
- UAB Kids Camps: This involved working with smaller children ages 5-14


*Please note, I require a 48 hour cancellation notice in order to be eligible to not be charged.

2014 Pro Soccer player Charlotte Eagles USL (MLS Chicago Fire reserves)

NCAA Division I soccer UAB:

- 5,000+ minutes played in 3 seasons
- 3 year starter
- Started 57 of 59 games
- All-Conference Honor Roll Student
- Ranked 11th best player in C-USA preseason (2012)
- UAB All-Tournament Team
- 2012 C-USA All Tournament Team
- C-USA All Third Team (2012)
- Third leading point scorer for UAB (2012)
- Second leading point scorer for UAB (2011)
- UAB ranked as high as 1st in the nation (NCAA DI)

H.J. Cambie High school Athlete of the year 3 consecutive years
H.J. Cambie High school top goal scorer (record holder)

A typical first session involves a very general scope of soccer training. Much technical work incorporated with fitness, agility, and speed work. In my first session I encompass key elements of the game such as: Passing, 1st touch, dribbling, finishing, juggling, and more.

A general session allows me to get to know the player I am coaching - his tendencies and abilities. From there we can go into more specific work to sharpen up elements of a player's game that is lacking and strengthen that which the player has already developed. My goal is to maximize potential, this includes developing that which is already there and establishing that which is not.

Key areas I work with players toward:
1) Perfecting skill or technique
2) Becoming a more effective contributor to your current team
3) Aspiring to play at the collegiate or professional level
4) Preparing for an upcoming tryout or season
5) Playing with more confidence and enjoying my sport

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Client Reviews

My daughter's Training Session with Coach Chase was fantastic! He observed her playing style, then focused on her needs, customizing the session to work on her specific areas of concern. She learned more in her first session than she has in entire seasons with previous coaches. Coach Chase pointed out specific body positioning movements she was doing and showed her ways to correct her positioning to make the most of her movements (and to minimize potential for hurting herself). We highly recommend Coach Chase!

All things good- wrapped up in one coach! If you are on the fence about signing up with Coach Chase-- take my advise-- DO IT!!

Coach Chase connected with my son immediately. My son had fun, was challenged, and engaged with the myriad practice and technique drills that Coach Chase worked with him on. Highly recommend!

Coach Chase is a knowledgeable coach. He noticed my daughter’s needs right away. His drills helped her accuracy and his enthusiasm to help his athletes is evident. I also liked that he is vocal (hands on) and guided my daughter throughout the training, always keeping her on her toes. My daughter really enjoyed the training!

Coach Chase is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic! He keeps our 10 year engaged throughout the session and gives specific things to work on for the next session. She cannot wait to perform her "soccer homework" when she wakes in the morning. We cannot wait to see her improvement in agility and skills when she rejoins her team at the end of the summer. Thank you Coach Chase!!

Coach Chase is an excellent coach! He is very knowledgeable about the sport of soccer and teaches great technique and skills. He's very friendly and encouraging throughout his training! My son truly enjoys working with him!

We are extremely happy with the 1:1 training Chase has provided. Our son is very shy and Chase made him feel comfortable working with him from the first moment. Chase keeps our son working hard the entire session and we’ve seen his soccer skills and ball mastery improve tremendously. We would recommend Chase to anyone looking for 1:1 training for their child!!

Coach Chase has been amazing! The progress in my daughters technique, ball skills and understanding of the game has been incredible. She has gotten more out of her sessions with Coach Chase than she ever had after 4 years of playing club soccer. His patience and approach has made her confident in her ability. We will definitely continue our sessions!

Coach Chase is awesome! he keeps the kids working hard the entire time and is very detail oriented. I would definitely recommend him for anyone that is looking to raise their level of play.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Chase is a great coach. He had a plan for the session, was encouraging throughout and gave my son techniques he could use right away. Will definitely arrange future sessions with him.

(no details provided)

We are now three sessions in with Chase, and he is, without a doubt, the right coach for us. My 9 year old son tends to be shy in new situations, especially with adults, and to see him interacting so well has been great to witness. Chase listens to you as a parent, and also listens to the person he's coaching. He assesses skills quickly, creates a plan and executes. I feel like he genuinely wants my son to get better, not just collect a fee. He sets goals, and they aren't easy, but if your child wants to improve, Chase can make it happen.

Coach Chase is very personable with the kids. He gives good technical feedback. My son was very happy (and tired) after his session.

So thankful for our 13 year-old son's time with Chase. Chase is an incredible soccer coach both technically and emotionally. Chase was able to quickly assess our son's strengths and weaknesses and then customize every session to meet our son's needs. The scope of the sessions changed each time, as our son's skills continued to develop. Chase maximized the entire training hour and also followed up with us re: recommendations as to what to our son should practice on his own. Our son's technical skills advanced tremendously in a relatively short amount of time. Chase also spent time reviewing game positioning and club tryouts. He was happy to educate and strategize wherever he had expertise. On top of that, Chase has a gift of being an incredible encourager. Chase is positive and motivating and passionate. We hired Chase to enhance our son's soccer skills, and as a bonus, he was a wonderful role model for our son in general. We HIGHLY recommend time with Chase and are so thankful for his time with our son.

Coach Chase has already made an impression on our 12 year old son and 10 year old daughter. She is very slow to warm up to people and in a very short time,he has made her comfortable and eager to try out her new moves . He makes each session fun but challenging to each of them.
Coach Chase is detailed oriented and systematic in the way he teaches and develops the technical skills that are needed to be a fluid soccer player. He quickly and accurately assessed their strengths and weaknesses, and set up a concrete training plan for both of them. As parents we are very excited to see how much they will improve with Coach Chase during the Summer.

Our daughter showed huge improvement after just 2 sessions. We look forward to many more! We loved everything about the experience and only regret is not starting sooner:) very worthwhile and positive experience!

(no details provided)

Coach Chase provided me with a very well organized session that focused on one aspect of the game that help me improve in that area of the game. He tells you things that you need to work on to perfect a technique which was very helpful to me. He understands the game very well and I look forward to the next training with him.

Chase is an amazing coach. My 10 year old daughter loved the training session. Her knowledge of specific skills after one training session improved 100%. Coach Chase encouraged her, but even better, he challenged her. He also taught her how to critique her own skills, especially shots on goal. We will definitely be booking more sessions with Coach Chase.

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(no details provided)

Coach Chase has been working with my son for about 2 months. Caleb has shown tremendous growth in that time. Chase is able to connect with Caleb and make every training session new and exciting.

(no details provided)

Chase is great as a coach and as a person! My boys love him. I have a 17 year old, 15 year old and 7 year old and he was great with each one. Can't wait for the next session.

My daughter's first session with Coach Chase was super. It is obvious that he has a gift not only for connecting with his students, but also for quickly analyzing their strengths and weaknesses. His follow up and detailed 'plan of attack' for her development is impressive. She is very much looking forward to working with him again!

Coach Chase has been amazing! It's been awesome seeing our son transform in his playing ability with just a few sessions. He's excited to go to his sessions with Chase and his confidence on the field continues to grow. I can't wait to see where Chase will take him in his skill level going forward.

(no details provided)

Chase is the best coach! Our son has never been this determined or committed to soccer since training with Chase. Chase has a way with kids and coaching them that is just amazing. His dedication to making a player better and the way he is able to drill down to the granular technique of a player is what makes him so special as a coach.

Coach Chase is am amazing trainer. He is very easy to understand. He makes our training fun and makes me laugh a lot. He is always determined to help you with your weakness. For me when I train with Coach Chase he sees that I need to work on planting my foot beside the ball. He is helping me to get over it and other areas that need improvement. He is an excellent trainer. You wouldn't be disappointed.

hands down best trainer I have ever had!

Coach Chase improves my game and I learn something new at every session. I love the intensity that he trains and his positive attitude lifts my spirits. I noticed an improvement in my game play almost immediately.

Coach Chase is currently working with my 2 kids and they absolutely love his training sessions. After the very first session both kids would ask me every day if they were going back to train with coach Chase.

He does an amazing job of utilization of time and maximizing his time with them. He keeps the pace and tempo up and both kids love it!!!! Can't wait for more training!!!

Coach Chase has been great with our daughter. He has been able to increase her technical skills and love of soccer in a way that we have not been able to receive anywhere else.

I was very pleased with the way Chase worked with my daughter Sarah. He's very good at developing fundamentals, has a keen attention detail, and quickly develops a rapport with children. She really enjoyed the sessions and has been able to apply what she learned onto the field. Looking forward to working with him in the future. Highly recommended.

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(no details provided)

Where can I start, coach Wickham has simply proven himself as effective and helpful as few coaches that I had could say. To prepare for my club tryouts I thought it would be a great opportunity to call Coach Wickham and get a few sessions in and his drills like the agility ladder, dribbling/shooting drills really did make a difference in my performances. In the future, I will certainly book more sessions with this coach, and will definitely count on him if I ever need some help with my game.

Chase is a tremendous coach who brings passion and enthusiasm to each session. My daughter worked with Chase for 6 sessions. We began seeing the results immediately after the first session.

Chase not only helps his players to improve their physical abilities. He also has helped my daughter with the mental part of soccer. She has been able to speed her pace of play because she is decisive when she gets the ball. It has resulted in increased confidence in herself.

We plan to continue to work with Chase and look forward to continued great results!

Excellent Trainer! The positive approach and energy equals the soccer knowledge. The training (technical work, movement, game scenarios) is first class. What really sets Chase apart, from my perspective, is his ability to blend in the athletic and fitness aspects of soccer. He is very good at correcting and improving body movement / body positioning to maximize the player's ability. Extremely knowledgable. Session reviews are unbelievably thorough. Highly recommended!

Coach Chase was awesome! Our daughter learned so much in just her first lesson. He worked with her on agility, tips on running, ball control and really improved her shot. We'd highly recommend Coach Chase.

I have been working with Chase for about a year now, and I know that I'm a much better player today for it. We approach every session with a skill or technique to develop, and I always leave with a better understanding of it. Chase also takes a real interest in my game outside of our sessions, and often the things that we work on will depend on something that was missing in a game I played.

All I can say is OMG! Not everyone has the gift of coaching and teaching. Coach Chase definitely showed his experience and wealth of knowledge for the game of soccer. Along with his calming demeanor his passion for soccer stood out. In one session he was able to identify my sons weaknesses. That is we he needed. My son often hears about his strengths, but to go to the next level correcting bad habits is a must. I can't wait until the next session!!!

Ayanna Wood

Awesome experience! My son was a bit apprehensive because he had always trained in a team environment, but by the end he absolutely loved it and is looking forward to more sessions with Coach Chase. Chase was very professional, communicated clearly and directly with my son, he provided immediate feedback on things my son could do to improve and things he could work on, on his own. Chase definitely transmits his love and passion for the game. We are looking forward to having him help my son develop into the best player he can be.

Not enough words to explain the value Coach Chase provides through his soccer instruction. My son is only 7 and Chase's enthusiasm for the game creates a level of excitement and engagement from my 7 year old that I have not seen in anything else he has done. He takes high level instruction and brings it to the level of the player in front of him. If you choose Coach Chase to help your child excel, you will be incredibly impressed with his communication and the way he includes the family as part of the experience. He provides updates after lessons that highlight what was accomplished, encourages areas of additional focus, and reinforces the next steps to ensure continued progression. I found this part of the experience most beneficial as it really reinforced the value of private instruction. Cost only matters in absence of value. Coach Chase provides a tremendous amount of value and is well worth every penny.

Coach Chase did a great job with my 2 boys. He is extremely knowledgeable and he demanded their attention and respect immediately. They both could see how much he can help after seeing the improvement after just one session. They are both looking forward to more coaching with Chase.

Wow! I was so impressed with the first session. Coach Chase was able to identify specific things for my son to work on. Instead of saying "he needs to work on technical skills", he described exact position of feet, position of hips, how to open/close feet, exactly what spot on the ball should be kicked, height of foot when kicking, etc. All of that information from just the first session. I booked more sessions for both of my boys. I can't wait to see what happens after several coaching sessions. If every session is as good as the first, it will be well worth the $$$.

I brought my 12 year old daughter to her first session with Coach Chase. The session was incredibly productive and he demonstrated some moves and gave her some pointers that I feel will definitely improve her game. The best part of all, she really enjoyed the session and wants to have another ASAP. I can see her being a regular client. He is very patient and incredibly supportive and I highly recommend Coach Chase.

I booked Chase for five training session for my daughter and her friend and teammate. Both girls play up front in the striker and forward positions on their CSA Classic Team. I felt Chase did an excellent job evaluating and detailing both girls strengths and areas where further improvement needs to be mastered. This included footwork, first touches, shooting accuracy, passing, receiving, body positioning and decision making. It also helped me better understand how I can continue to work with my daughter in a group or 1 on 1 setting to progress her skills. Both girls really responded well to Chase and were very complimentary. My daughter definitely wants to do additional training later this spring, which has not always been the case with her and other coaches.

Since the sessions began, I have noticed clearly identifiable improvements in last couple of weeks in both girls play in practice and scrimmages and both were fortunate enough to make the middle school team as 6th graders. Chase after every sessions emailed us a detailed evaluation of what had occurred in the training session and critiqued each child's performance. Probably one of the most thorough evaluations of this sort I have seen. He is an excellent coach.


First thing that comes to my mind is exceptional!! Chase does beyond an excellent job. He has a plan for every session and in just one session has figured out how to work with my son. My son is 10 and has responded to Chases enthusiastic and highly skilled training style. We recommend him highly and plan on future sessions for Chris.

(no details provided)

Coach Chase is a highly effective coach that was able to improve my daughter's shooting skills after the first session. She also showed a greater confidence in her playing skills. Coach Chase gave us great feedback and a plan to help my daughter grow as a player. I look forward to seeing how he can cultivate her talent and her love for the game of soccer.

My 2 boys have been active in sports for the past 6 years and we have worked with many coaches, both volunteer and professional. Coach Chase has offered the highest degree of training and skill. He has provided an athletic training program to put my 12 year old son on a path to the next level of soccer. He accurately assessed and identified my son's strengths and his opportunities. Coach Chase is training him in such a way to instill proper foundational skills and instinctive responses to game plays on the field. He is also serving as a fantastic role model and teaching good sportsmanship and high integrity on the field. I feel very blessed to have found Coach Chase for my son to train under.
Thank you,
One very happy mom

Coach Chase has worked with my son and my friend's two sons for a month. He is extremely knowledgeable about soccer and games. Since he has played soccer for a very long time he has amazingly rich experience about what is going to happen on the field and shared lots of tips with us. He not only knows how to play soccer, he knows how to teach. He can give very clear instructions and expresses and clarifies very well. My friend's son Kyle has struggled with soccer for three years. He has cried about it. After a month's training with Coach Chase he looked like a totally different person on the soccer field. It is a big blessing to have Coach Chase work with the kids. He not only teaches soccer, his attitude towards life and his love for the Christ will have a long-term positive impact on them.

My son has continued to progress more rapidly than the other players on his team and I think a major contributing factor is the one on one coaching he receives from Coach Chase. He's U12 team is ranked 13 in the state after winning both the Autumn Blast tournament in Hickory and the Lake Norman tournament in Mooresville. If you are or want to be a high level player you have to train more than the competition and you have to have one on one coaching. There is no other way, the focused attention is a must. We are very pleased with Chase's focus, drive, encouragement, and organization. The flexibility he allows us with our hectic schedule is also a plus.

Coach Chase is amazing with my son Jaden. The techniques that he is teaching my son will definitely take him to the next level. He has a great spirit and attitude with Jaden. He also writes down all of the techniques so that Jaden can practice them at home. I would recommend coach chase to anyone. I also love the fact that he Loves the Lord. Just a added bonus for me.

Jaden is continuing to see amazing benefits from his coaching sessions with Coach Chase. Jaden is 6 and he made the Stikers Pre-Challenge team for 7-9 year olds. Coach Chase does an incredible job with Jaden. He makes it both fun and Challenging for Jaden. I would recommend him to any parent that wants to their son or daughter to the next level.

Coach Chase is an excellent soccer coach. He is hard working, knowledgeable about the game and very motivating. When I observe the training sessions with my son you can see that Chase enjoys what he does. He takes the time to develop a relationship with him. He has encouraged my son to stay positive, to always work hard and never give up. Our son enjoys training with Chase because he challenges him and pushes him to be the best he can be. He is always positive and provides great feedback after every session. We are very optimistic that coach chase will help our son get to the next level.

It's been about 7 months since my son started working with Chase. Results have been significant. I can see his confidence growing with every game. He is now one of the better players on his team while playing up with kids 2-3 yrs older. His coach literally told him at half time of a game to just keep doing what he's doing. My son looks forward to his sessions and seems to enjoy pushing himself. Most importantly Chase is a high character guy that I would want teaching my son. He's a great coach, and even better person.

Coach Chase has done an outstanding job with my 10 yr old son. His skills are very raw as he is just starting out. Chase instructed him into making a few adjustments and the results were almost immediate. The workouts are fast paced, dynamic, and fun. Not everyone is able to translate coaching to young children and Chase seems to do it at a high level. I am very pleased with his work.

Coach Chase has worked with my 15 year old daughter for several sessions. Her sports history has been exclusively in volleyball, so no experience at all in soccer. After her first session, she said, " Dad, that was waaay harder than any volleyball practice I have ever had! " I said, " Well, it looks like I got my monies worth!!! " Chase is not only a great coach that pushes his students to be the best they can be, but more importantly, an extremely positive coach. His talent for praise, when deserved, goes a long way in building confidence to young inexperienced players who just want to be able to make the team.

Coach Chase is awesome! A very hands on, technical and skilled coach. He cares about his students and works extremely hard on the field. We would recommend Coach Chase to everyone. He is a kind, gentle spirit who has mastered the game of soccer. What a blessing that he is willing to share his skills and knowledge of the game.

My son has his first training session with Chase this past week and I was very impressed with the entire session. He provided my son detailed directions on how to improve his passing and demonstrated what he needed to do. When they moved into defensive tactics and playing 1 vs. 1, Chase once gave specific directions and demonstrated what he wanted my son to do and had him verbally repeat the 5 steps to help with retention.

The one thing that really caught my attention was that Chase wanted me to stay and observe the lesson to help reinforce what he was teaching at home later in the week with my son. As an educator I know the value of parent involvement and with Chase encouraging that it showed he is a true educator. Chase did an outstanding job and we are looking forward to the next session.

I would recommend Chase to any parent who is looking to help their child become a better Soccer player.
Chase teaches in a positive, motivating manner while still encouraging a competitive spirit, a strong work ethic, and the keys to being a complete player.
Outstanding first session with a skilled coach who clearly loves what he does.

Coach Chase in 3 simple words "IS THE BOMB" he has worked with my son for the past 7 months and he really feels like part of the family, dynamic personality, crazy energy, and wonderful spirit. He will work your child no doubt about it, but in a way to build him or her up and challenge them to be better. Chase has called my son before important games to remind him to focus and whats important. I never ever feel that he's a clock watcher, you know the kind of trainer that starts late and ends 5-10min early, with Chase you never feel like he's in it for the money..he develops connections with your child that are beyond the pitch... If you're hunting a soccer trainer he's the right guy...


Chase has really helped our son gain confidence in himself. He's a great motivator & really connects with Brenton. We're so thrilled that we found Chase & couldn't be happier. He's dedicated, fun, extremely knowledgeable about Soccer & relates very well with our son. We're looking forward to seeing all the changes in Brenton.

Chase has really helped my son to gain confidence in his abilities within a very short period of time. I am impressed.

Coach Chase has provided incredible insights to our son including technical explanations of techniques, movement and positioning, effective drills and personal motivation. Chase can definitely help your player take his or her game to the next level. He has a tremendous gift with youth that want to elevate their understanding and play on the pitch.

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(no details provided)

Chase provided a great first session with my daughter. He pushed her to play at a high level of speed while still composed and technically sound. It was evident in the first ten minutes her has a gift as a trainer/personal coach. She is excited to continue to work and develop and fulfill her dreams of playing at the next level. I would highly recommend Chase to any level soccer player.

Chase has now worked individually with my son, age 11, and daughter, age 9. They both play club soccer. Chase brings a passion and energy to the training sessions that is very impressive. He also keeps it fun while challenging them to try new things and improve each time they complete a drill. When the session was over, both of my kids immediately asked when they could work with coach Chase again! They worked hard and loved every minute of it.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Chase is awesome! He was able to challenge my son while at the same time making it fun. His attention to detail allowed him to make adjustments in my son's technique and proved his technique in just one session. We now work with Coach Chase on a weekly basis and the results are amazing! I will recommend Chase to any parent wishing to help their child he to the next level.

Coach Chase is very personable with a keen eye for technique. He was quickly able to identify my daughter's strengths and weaknesses. We definitely will continue to use him in the future as Emily progresses though college soccer.

(no details provided)

Coach Chase is by far the best individual trainer that I have worked with in my 17 years of playing soccer. The attention to detail and the clarity in which he expresses how to fix errors are unmatched. I saw improvement of my touch as the session progressed and much of that improvement was a direct result of minor tweaks in positioning of my plant foot and other aspects that Chase noticed. If you want to progress your game to the next level regardless of your current level, Coach Chase will get you there.

My 14 year old son has been playing competitive soccer for over 5 years. He has attended a number of camps, technical sessions and state level training sessions. Despite the time and the cost of all of these additional sessions, we were disappointed with the overall results.
In the first hour working together, Coach Chase was able to identify 3 very specific things to correct in my son's technique and we immediately began seeing results. The value of 1 on 1 training with Coach Chase cannot be emphasized enough!
Having played the game myself, I completely agree with Coach Chase's initial assessment. Unlike previous club coach assessments, Chase gave us clear instructions on what exactly to correct and how to get past habits that were leading to inconsistency. Only negative of the whole experience is that I wish we would have found him sooner!

Coach Chase was very quickly able to see the areas of improvement my daughter needed to help her on the soccer field. Her footwork has already improved dramatically. He is very knowledgeable , disciplined, and encouraging. My daughter can't wait for her next lesson!!!

Our daughter has really enjoyed working with Chase. We can see her progress with foot work and speed. She has a lot of fun and loves all the tips! Chase has a great way of explaining what they are working on. We are starting our spring season soon. Her coaches have noticed her improvement also. She has recently been asked to dual roster for the next age group up. Thanks Chase!

Our 2 boys have been working with Chase for a few months now. ( Ages 5 & 8 ) He is always on time ( early ) & organized with the lessons. They get different lessons based on their skill level. This is something our last trainer didn't offer and it is so important. Chase has a Calm & peaceful demeanor. My boys feel comfortable with Chase & get excited knowing they are going to see Chase. Our regular season has started & the other parents have commented on how our boys have improved since last season. We are thankful to be paired up with Chase & will continue to use him through out this year to keep the boys learning about soccer & improving their skill level.

My son had a great time with Chase. Not only he improved his soccer skills, but he also had lots of fun during the session.

My son completed his first session with Chase
a few days ago, and we were very pleased right
away with Chase. He is extremely knowledgable
about soccer and is very encouraging. Chase is a very
motivating and inspiring coach. Daniel is
really excited about having private lessons and
getting one on one direction on how to be
a better soccer player. We would definitely
recommend Chase to anyone looking for
a private soccer coach!

(no details provided)

Coach Chase was very encouraging, while challenging my daughter. I think he accessed her skill level and challenged her accordingly. I really liked how he stopped play to correct the small thing and errors she was making. She thoroughly enjoyed working with Chase and as soon as we got in our vehicle to leave she asked if we could continue to work with him. I truly feel Chase maximized the time and didn't waste any time. I appreciate his knowledge and skill, but still being easy to talk to, some coaches aren't that way. I would certainly recommend coach Chase to anyone. He is a great coach and seems to be great person. We only had one session with him, but definitely plan on booking more on a regular basis.

Coach Chase gave my son an AWESOME first session! He did a great job of both pushing and encouraging while making a challenging training session fun. After we left the field, my son immediately asked when we could do it again. Having watched the session myself, I am confident that working with Coach Chase will accelerate my son's development and give both of us plenty of ideas about how we can work out more efficiently and effectively on our own time as well. Highly Recommend!!

UPDATE - After 3 months of my son working with Coach Chase, I am happy to say that my expectations have been continuously exceeded with each and every training session. My son has stepped up his game from being an above average player (but not a standout) to a true leader on both of the teams he has played on this fall. In fact, countless parents have commented to me how much my son has improved since last season, and Coach Chase has played a significant role in that rapid development over the past few months. Each session is a good balance of review, reinforcement and practicing new ideas. I am very happy with the return on my investment so far and look forward to continuing to work with Coach Chase and watching my son develop into the best soccer player he can be. Thank you Coach Chase!

We are extremely pleased with the results from my son's time with Chase. My son's confidence and soccer skills have increased tremendously. He's successfully using the moves and knowledge he's gained from Chase in games. Also, he's learned more in 5 months than he has in the past 5 years he's played soccer. Chase is extremely patient and builds training plans tailored to the things my son needs to work on. We plan to continue working with Chase to help our son develop into the best soccer player he can be. I strongly recommend him for any other parents looking for a great coach.

Coach Chase is a great coach to workout with. He spent time getting to know the player he had in front of him, led by example and encouraged through difficult moments. It was such a positive experience that our son has regained some of his lost confidence in his first touch, as they worked very hard to help him be comfortable again after a long layoff due to injury. He also provided a very nice work at home concept to fontinue the learning. Will most definitely work with coach Chase in the near future...

Chase does a great job with my 5 year old. My son is better handling the ball, shooting and is enjoying the sport to a greater extent. My son loves his coaching sessions and has an absolute ball!
Thanks Chase!

With Coach Chase, we could tell in the first 5 minutes that we were extraordinarily lucky to have found him. His sessions are well prepared, unusually fun, and they're meaningfully impactful. It's so clear that he's a true professional who not only loves the game, but also loves teaching it. Our daughter is on the younger side, and he impressively balances teaching at a level she can understand while weaving in advanced concepts that her peers are surely not learning in their group sessions. We highly recommend Coach Chase.

I have been extremely impressed with Coach Chase. He is a fantastic, high energy instructor who gets directly involved with his students training. Beyond his technical skills and clear knowledge of the game, he is an excellent communicator who provides detailed feedback aimed ensuring his students stay motivated between sessions. We are confident he will bring our son's game to the next level!

Coach Chase was fantastic. My son has participated in one session with him so far, but left the training session extremely excited. He has been to a few camps in the past and walked away feeling like he did not learn much, if anything. With only one hour spent with Coach Chase, he learned more than any of those camps. As a father, I enjoyed seeing the personal feedback. Coach Chase's soccer experience and knowledge really comes through in his sessions, and he uses that to correct the student and demonstrates how it should be done. I would fully endorse Coach Chase, and my son is looking forward to continued work with him.

Update after multiple sessions with Coach Chase: My son continues to improve dramatically as Coach Chase is able to hone in on specific skills that he needs to work on. His sessions are tailored exactly to what my son is in need of. The most specific proof of Coach Chase's ability I can say is this: during the Spring club soccer season, my son was the last or next to last player off the bench for his team. Now that we are in the Fall club soccer season, my son starts for his team. If your son or daughter is willing to put in the work and apply the skills that Coach Chase teaches, he or she will definitely see the results!

Chase was very good. He listened to me (Dad) and my son to customize a great program for us to work on with him and at home.

I've only had one session with Coach Chase so far, and my soccer skills have improved tremendously from that one hour. Along with teaching new skill sets and helping athletes improve skills they may already have, Coach Chase teaches athletes how to recognize and fix mistakes made on the field allowing those athletes to correct errors on their own outside of training sessions. I can't wait to get together with Coach Chase again and improve my skills even further.

Chase is an outstanding coach. He has a very positive attitude and an excellent depth of knowledge about teaching soccer. My son quickly and happily engaged in his rigorous drills that we definitely improve his game....something that he is often reluctant to do. I've 100% confidence that Chase can take my son to any level he is willing to commit to.

(no details provided)

Coach Chase knows exactly how to communicate and connect with his students. He has the ability to get you to the point of being able to do a skill the right way and challenging you in a positive way to improve. He made things fun and brought a new excitement to the game, leaving my son looking forward to the next session.

I needed someone to teach my daughter soccer fundamentals and Coach Chase was willing and ever so patient with her. He is definitely out-of-her league but took the time, step-by-step to get her where she needed to be. My daughter lacks the confidence, but Coach Chase was both encouraging and helped her see that she could do what she thought she couldn't. I'd definitely recommend Coach Chase to others and plan on booking him for a few more sessions this summer!

Our son has been playing soccer for about 10 years now. We have met many, coaches in my son’s career, but Coach Chase stands way above the rest. Not only has Coach Chase been an incredible soccer coach technically from day one, but he is a person of great character as well. When we met Coach Chase, we could immediately see his true love for soccer. Each and every session he naturally teaches with his heart and is excited to see his student get to the next level technically. He makes soccer fun and exciting with his “world records” challenges that help each student to strive to beat other player’s times. Coach Chase comes in with a plan and follows up almost immediately with a detailed report of the session for the parent. There is no question that he wants true success for his student. Since Coach Chase has played soccer professionally, he has an amazing knowledge of the game and he also has the wonderful gift of teaching as well. To have both of these qualities is a rare find in a coach. Coach Chase is extremely responsive not only to his students, but to the parents as well. We cannot say enough about Coach Chase. We have recommended him to so many of our friends because we see his true talent, and the spirit he possesses goes beyond words. We are so happy that we found Coach Chase.
My daughter (10) began working with Coach Chase 6 weeks ago. Our main focus was improving her technical skills and building her confidence for the upcoming tryouts. Chase was encouraging and engaging. He was fun and uplifting. But most of all, Chase is GOOD! Not just good, REALLY GOOD!! His love of the game of soccer and his amazing talent shine through in every session. Chase got my daughter to listen and focus on what he was teaching her and she got better. So much better, in fact, that she just made a top team at a new club! There is no way my daughter could have done it without her sessions with Coach Chase. She looks forward to going each time and is so excited to learn what Chase is helping her with. I simply cannot convey what a positive, life changing difference Chase has made in my daughter’s soccer career. I recommend Coach Chase for anyone who is playing soccer at the club level. Chase’s enthusiasm and attention to detail will definitely have a positive impact on your player’s level of play. Not only is this money very well spent, I know what the value of working with Chase means to my daughter. She wants to get better and be the best player she can be and she knows she can do this with Coach Chase’s training. Chase is the driving force to the next level! We will continue to train with Coach Chase well after our initial goals have been met!
Chase - thanks for the training session today. Stokes had a phenomenally great time. You motivated him in a way I have not seen many others do. you have a special gift. He really took to your suggestions. Thank you.
Chase was excellent with my son. As a soccer dad, I have learned more from chase teaching my son than I have from all my sons soccer camps. Not only does he know lots about soccer, but is extremely personable and good with kids. I would strongly recommend chase if your child is serious about improving soccer skills. Keep up the good work coach!
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