CU Team Spotlight: Jess Fadale

Over the years, we’ve gone to great lengths to give you the videos, resources, and tools you need to succeed as an athlete, coach, or parent. But have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at CoachUp? Starting today, we’re launching our CoachUp Team Spotlight! Each week, you’ll get a fun, in-depth look at the people that make this company tick! First up, we’ve got Jess Fadale, one of CoachUp’s proud Patriots fans and local yoga master. We’re so excited to start this series off on the right foot by interviewing Jess, so sit back and enjoy! 1798676_395096627282280_8544953675350921324_n

CoachUp: Hi, Jess! Tell everybody out there a little bit about yourself!

Jess Fadale: Some call me Jess, but others call me Fuego Fadale. I’m a proud Rhode Islander at heart and a new Bostonian by location. I’m the mama of fur-baby Shelby Kittens, daughter to the coolest parents around, sister to a warm-hearted cop, and girlfriend to a stud-rock climber. Much like many others in my office, I’m a former athlete who still clings to their glory days and likes to think of themselves as somebody who still has fuel left in the tank. I’m a professed health and fitness junkie, avid reader, and unabashed dancing queen.

CU: What’s your position at CoachUp and how long have you been here?

JF: I’m the Partnerships Marketing Manager and I’ve been with CoachUp for 6 months!

CU: What drove you to join CoachUp? Why?

JF: Ultimately, I’ve always wanted to work in sports business. I was initially interested in working in college sports and had internships in the athletic department of my alma mater, Brown University, as well as Southern-Methodist University and the University of Arizona. After going to graduate school, my interests shifted and I ended up landing a job with the New England Patriots in Corporate Partnerships. After two great seasons with the team — one may even say I was the good luck charm for the Super Bowl victory last year — I found myself wanting to pivot again, this time to the world of start-ups. My heart was still in sports business, so CoachUp was a great move to transfer my experience and skills into a completely new organization and section of the sports business industry.

CU: What’s your experience with sports?

JF: For me, it was a pretty standard athletic experience growing up — I tried tons of sports, even including a long stint as a competitive figure skater. In high school, I played soccer, basketball, and lacrosse, and then played on the club lacrosse and intramural hockey teams in college. I coached lacrosse for six years, ranging in age from kids in elementary school all the way up to students at the University of Arizona. Nowadays, the only ‘coaching’ I do is in the yoga studio.

CU: What can people find you doing in your free time?

JF: You’ll most likely find me sweating in the boxing gym or the yoga studio, FaceTiming with friends and family, reading copious amounts of books, or traveling in search of the next great adventure.


CU: What’s your favorite sports memory?

JF: From the first time I stood up as a baby, my dad put me on skates and held my hands as we whipped around the rink — those memories with my dad speak louder than any big game I played in or championship I won.

CU: What’s one thing about you that not a lot of people know?

JF: I was named after The Allman Brother’s song “Jessica.”

CU: Who in the office would you want by your side in a 2-on-2 basketball game + why?

JF: This one is easy, B-Ball by far. First of all, why wouldn’t you want someone with the nickname B-Ball by your side for a 2-on-2 game?  Having worked side-by-side as fellow Customer Experience team members, Brandon and I would make a killer combo on the court. And, finally, Brandon has a pro record to boot, so he seems like a pretty safe bet for domination!

CU: Who in the office would you want in goal for a game-saving penalty kick + why?

JF: Hm, I’d probably to go with John Kelley, our CEO! JFK is incredibly tall with a serious wing span, so that makes him the perfect choice for keeper. Also, I saw him lay out for a diving catch in a company flag football game, so I know he’s got the skills to match the reach. A massive thank you to Jess again for helping us kick this series off in style! We’ll be back in another week with more insider interviews from our talented team. As always, thanks for supporting us, our company, and the ideals that push CoachUp to another level!

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