CoachUp Spotlight Series: Joe Dellanno

CoachUp Spotlight Series: Joe Dellanno

A few weeks ago, our wonderful Coach Engagement Manager mentioned a clinic with Smart Light Sports during This Week At CoachUp — naturally, the next question is: who is that? why should I care? Simply put, you should care because Smart Light Sports and their owner, Joe Dellanno, knows what they’re doing for athletes of all sports and skills. In order to prove it, we sat down for a quick chat with Coach Joe so he could detail his experience with CoachUp, his strategies, and what’s next for Smart Light Sports.

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CoachUp: What is it about Smart Light Sports’ technology that makes the experience different for the athletes?

Joe Dellanno: The athletes that choose to train with Smart Light Sports (or, SLS) experience communication between the coach and player on a high level. With our visual projection technology, SLS can break down each movement to allow the player to learn each sequence in order to perform the athletic task.

CU: Do you try and blend this unique strategy with some more old school coaching techniques?

JD: Old school works but it takes too long. By blending technology with traditional teaching methods, SLS accelerates the learning process and helps the athlete compete at higher levels with confidence.

CU: You work with several coaches on CoachUp that are a part of Smart Light Sports, over multiple sports as well. How does this help you run your private coaching business?

JD: SLS has developed a learning system that can be applied to multiple sports and to its coaches. This system allows SLS to produce consistent drills and plays which ultimately helps the coaches teach his or her sports at higher levels. For example: everyone who trains with SLS loves to train with Coach Andrea! As a professional gym teacher, a Hall of Famer at the University of Massachusetts, and an all-around great person, she’s the perfect coach for players of all ages! Players connect with her via her positive, constructive teaching and those athletes pick up skills much quicker! We see her students improve consistently each week, and when we ask the parents what they see on the ice, the majority of them comment how much more confident their player handles the puck, passes, and shoots.

CU: Tell us a bit about your summer programming — are you running any camps or clinics or focusing more on individual sessions?

JD: SLS is running small group sessions, up to six players max. This will allow players to train together while still receiving individual attention from our highly accomplished coaches.

CU: Is there any level of athlete, in particular, that you think is the best fit for Smart Light Sports?

JD: SLS is geared to take on all players at any level — our system helps seasoned players unlearn bad habits and create new habits. The intermediate player will gain good habits quicker because he or she may have less issues to correct. The beginner is ready to learn and has no bad habits — they’re the ones that can develop the quickest.

Thanks, Joe! If you’re interested in learning more about Smart Light Sports, you can head over to their website, message Coach Joe, or check out their video above. Ultimately, if you can take advantage of CoachUp and Smart Light Sports together, there are no bounds for your future achievements! What are you waiting for?

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