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Defend the Breakaway (feat Matt Besler) | CoachUp Soccer Tips

Professional soccer player Matt Besler helps break down the steps to defending the breakaway in soccer. By threatening and jockeying the attacker, as well as waiting for the attacker to make a bad touch, you will become a more successful attacker on breakaways.

Matt Besler: Hi, this is Matt Besler, pro soccer player and CoachUp coach. Announcer: (inaudible) And this is how you defend a breakaway. So the key to defending a breakaway, is forcing the striker into an uncomfortable position. You don’t wanna overcommit, but you also wanna threaten his possession with the ball. You wanna have long strides as you approach, but when you get close, you wanna have short, choppy strides, so it looks like this. Once you get close, you want to jockey the attacker. You jockey the attacker by getting your body into a sideways position and getting low. Looks like this. Once you have the attacker in the jockey position, you wanna be patient. You wanna wait for him to make a weak position or a bad touch. Once you see that signal, you make your challenge. Patient, patient, patient. Now! Good, good. Perfect.

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